Garmin edge 810

garmin edge 810

Is the Garmin Edge 810 the right computer for You?

Despite the overwhelming number of features, the Garmin Edge 810 is intuitive and easy to use. If you cannot get enough data, then this is the computer for you. If you are technology-averse this is not the computer for you, try something more basic like the Cateye Strada Slim . Garmin has updated the Edge series with the new 820.

Does the edge 810 have a capacitive or resistive screen?

The screen on the Edge 810, as well as on the Edge 510, utilize resistive technology while most smart phones use capacitive technology. Capacitive screens do not work well when wet, so Garmin uses resistive screens ( ED. note: the new Garmin 1000 cycling computer uses a capacitive screen ).

Which Ant+ sensors work with the edge 810?

ANT+ wireless allows you to connect to any ANT+ sensor including speed, cadence, power meters, heart rate monitors, and even smart scales. We tested with all of the available types of sensors except scales, and found the Edge 810 to have no problems pairing or calibrating any ANT+ device.

Is the edge 810 good in the rain?

This translated to no issues during testing, even following hours in the rain, and some muddy cyclocross testing. The routable maps function on the Edge 810 enhances its versatility, making it useful for recreational road riders and touring riders alike.

Is the Garmin Edge 810 a good bike computer?

Hands-On Review. The Garmin Edge 810 is a unique GPS enabled cycling computer. Comprehensive mapping functions set it apart from its competitors. It is the only cycling computer we tested that is capable of storing detailed maps and giving turn-by-turn directions during a ride.

How does the edge 810/800 work?

The Edge 810/800 performs all the functions you might expect of a bike computer with GPS. It tracks your location, in order to provide you with a data on the ride (speed – current and average, distance travelled, calories burned) as well as via download to your computer, or app of your choice, after the ride has finished.

Does the Garmin Edge have GPS?

All Garmin Edge computers have their own GPS chips though, and get position data from the Glonass, Galileo and standard GPS satellite constellations. That basic data can be augmented with a raft of extras. Most computers will give you mapping, letting you plan and follow a route, with turn-by-turn navigation.

What is the Garmin Edge 8xx series bike computer?

The Edge 8xx series is at the top of Garmin’s range of cycling GPS devices. The 810 is the most expensive (the slot previously occupied by the 800), the 800 is second on the list. The Edge 810/800 performs all the functions you might expect of a bike computer with GPS.

Does the edge 810 support Ant+ weight scale integration?

Like the Edge 800, the Edge 810 supports ANT+ weight scale integration. This means that if you have an ANT+ enabled weight scale, you can transmit that information wirelessly from the scale to the Edge 810. To start, you’ll go ahead and navigate to the Weight Scale function within the menus:

What power meters does the edge 810 support?

The Edge 810 supports ANT+ enabled power meters, which is essentially every power meter on the market today except the Polar power meters. ANT+ power meters follow the Power Meter Device Profile, which dictates how information is communicated to the Edge 810.

Which Ant+ cadence&speed sensor for Garmin 500?

Which ANT+ cadence&Speed sensor for Garmin 500 So long as you have one of the newer firmware versions (3.30 is the latest one at the moment) a Garmin Edge 500 will work with individual speed and cadence sensors. The Bontrager ANT+ individual speed and cadence sensors (with magnets) tend to work quite well.

What can I do with my Garmin Edge 810?

This enables you to grab saved courses and routes from your Garmin Connect account and push them to your Edge 810. Courses are essentially routes that you’ll follow. They can be roads, trails, or anything else you want. I say ‘in potential’, because it does require you to have pre-created the courses online.

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