Xiaomi m11 ultra

xiaomi m11 ultra

What makes the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra so special?

The Mi 11 Ultra is more than just an epic movie camera. It is an ultra-high-end flagship in other aspects as well with outstanding performance, display, battery life and sound quality Mi 11 Ultra is the first smartphone to feature a solid-liquid-gas phase cooling system.

What does the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s 128-degree field of view mean?

At the same time, Xiaomi went for a totally extra ultra-wide lens with a crazy 128-degree field of view (FoV). Many phones stick to 107-120 degrees for the ultra-wide. This expanded FoV gives the Mi 11 Ultra a lot of room for squeezing things into the shot.

How fast is the mi 11 Ultra’s wireless charging?

In a turn for the books, the Mi 11 Ultra’s fast wired charging is as fast as its wireless charging – both 66W. With that in mind, the phone only ships with the wall charger and cable, so you’ll have to buy the Xiaomi-compatible charger to take advantage of those top speeds.

What is the mi 11 ultra screen refresh rate?

The Mi 11 Ultra allows you to set the display to both the high resolution and high refresh rate settings at the same time. Xiaomi says the refresh rate will vary from 30Hz to 120Hz depending on what you’re doing with the phone. At its highest settings, the screen is simply a joy to behold.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra good for gaming?

The Snapdragon 888 processor makes the Mi 11 Ultra snappy to use, which is especially useful for gaming, but it’s also great for when you’re editing photos and videos. An overheating issue with the device can sometimes mitigate the powerful processor, though.

Which Xiaomi phone should you buy in 2021?

The Mi 11 Ultra is Xiaomi’s top-spec’d phone for 2021. It looks to tackle the shortcomings of its lesser sibling, the Mi 11, thanks to a wholly different and dramatically more useful camera configuration. More importantly, it aims right at Samsung’s marquee smartphone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

What is the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s expanded FOV?

This expanded FoV gives the Mi 11 Ultra a lot of room for squeezing things into the shot. You can use the ultra-wide for shooting macro shots, as well. All three cameras are pixel binned down by a factor of four, with only the main camera being capable of shooting at its full 50MP resolution.

What is Mimi 11 ultras cooling system?

Mi 11 Ultra is the first smartphone to feature a solid-liquid-gas phase cooling system. The thermal conductivity is improved by 100% compared to thermal paste. The large vapor chamber plate efficiently dissipates heat at all times.

How fast is 67W wireless charging on the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra?

The current record for wireless charging was 50W, but the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra blows that number out of the water. But how fast is 67W wireless charging? Very fast – it’ll charge up around 4x faster than an iPhone that is wired charging.

How good is the battery of the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra?

Inside the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, you have a 5000mAh battery. This is pretty sizeable too, and it should deliver exceptional performance across the board, meaning all day performance – even with heavy usage. And even if you do push the phone too hard, a quick 10 minute top-up, either on a charging mat or via a cable, will fill it back up to 100%.

Which Xiaomi Phone has the fastest wireless charging?

When it comes to innovation in the wireless charging world, Chinese brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, and RealMe are leading the way. But t he newly launched Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has the fastest wireless charging around – it’ll do 67W wired and wireless charging. And, trust me, that is positively RAPID.

What is 120W Xiaomi hypercharge?

120W Xiaomi HyperCharge Explore the secrets of the outstanding 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge! One of the fastest charging speeds in the industry Xiaomi continuously pushes the boundaries of charging technology to always provide a leading battery and charging experience.

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