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river plate

How did the River Plate get its name?

The River Plate name was chosen in 1901, when the team was still located at the La Boca neighbourhood, next to the Río de la Plata (River Plate in some English sources). Proposed names as Club Atlético Forward, Juventud Boquense or La Rosales had been rejected.

What is the River Plate called in Argentina?

River Plate may refer to: Río de la Plata, a river and large estuary between Argentina and Uruguay. Río de la Plata Basin, the basin of the river. Club Atlético River Plate, an Argentine sports club. Club Atlético River Plate (women)

Where does Atlético River Plate Play?

Current season. Club Atlético River Plate is an Argentine professional sports club based in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, and named after the British English rendering of the citys estuary, Río de la Plata.

Why are River Plate called the Millonarios?

The nickname Los Millonarios came after the acquisition of winger Carlos Peucelle in 1931 for $10,000 and Bernabé Ferreyra for $35,000 (Large sum of money for the period) in 1932 . In the following years, River Plate consolidated its place as one of the most popular teams of Argentina, and the 20th century brought much success.

How did the Platte River get its name?

The animals often waded or swam across the Platte. The first-known European to see the Platte was the French explorer Étienne de Veniard, sieur de Bourgmont in 1714, who named it the Nebraskier, after its Oto name, meaning flat water. The French later applied the French word plate (meaning flat, and pronounced plat, or platte) to the river.

When did the Battle of the River Plate take place?

The Battle of the River Plate took place on December 13th 1939. The battle in the South Atlantic was the first major naval battle of World War Two. Ships from the Royal Navy’s South American Division took on the might of Germany’s Graf Spee which was successfully attacking merchant shipping in the South Atlantic.

Why did the Graf Spee sail the River Plate?

The Graf Spee made for the River Plate – the Plate estuary is a huge bay 120 miles across. The two remaining cruisers, Ajax and Achilles, patrolled the estuary to ensure that the Graf Spee could not slip out back into the Atlantic under the cover of dark.

What does the Platte River look like?

The Platte over most of its length is a broad, shallow, meandering stream with a sandy bottom and many islands—a braided stream. The Platte is one of the most significant tributary systems in the watershed of the Missouri, draining a large portion of the central Great Plains in Nebraska and the eastern Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Wyoming.

Is Club Atlético River Plate the same as River Plate?

Not to be confused with Club Atlético River Plate. Club Atlético River Plate Puerto Rico is a Puerto Rican professional football team based in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Founded in 2007 as a franchise of the Argentine club River Plate, the team plays in the Puerto Rico Soccer League, and is the reigning Supercopa DirecTV champion.

Where does Puerto Rico’s River Plate Play?

Founded in 2007 as a franchise of the Argentine club River Plate, the team plays in the Puerto Rico Soccer League, and is the reigning Supercopa DirecTV champion. The team plays its home games at Roberto Clemente Stadium in nearby Carolina.

What is the name of the stadium in River Plate?

River Plate Stadium. The Estadio Monumental is the biggest stadium in Argentina and the home of River Plate. FIGUEROA ALCORTA, PRES. AV. 7597. The Estadio Monumental is the home of Club Atlético River Plate, one of Argentinas two most popular football (soccer) clubs.

Whats the history between River Plate and Atletico-MG in international football?

The only game that Atletico-MG and River Plate have ever played in an international championship was the first leg of the quarterfinals that took place last Wednesday in Argentina, with the Brazilian team winning 1-0 with a goal by Nacho Fernández, who was sent off minutes after the game.

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