Lyca mobile

lyca mobile

Why Lycamobile?

Join the mobile network that gives you the control, flexibility and freedom you deserve. Why Lycamobile? Join over 16 million happy customers around the world! The Lycamobile app is the safest and fastest way to manage your Lycamobile account. You can check your balance, buy plans, check rates and more, all on the go

How do I order Lycamobile?

Order by phone. 01 77 72 23 22. or from lycamobile 322. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Lycamobile please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Lycamobile has a multilingual team that operates from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

What is the Lyca mobile app?

The Lyca Mobile app is the safest and fastest way to manage your Lyca Mobile account. You can check your balance, buy plans, check rates and more, all on the go.

How do I Activate my Lycamobile SIM card?

It’s easy to activate your Lycamobile SIM card. Just follow the steps below to get started: Insert your SIM card. Enter your new Lycamobile number or PUK code along with the 4-digit ICCID found on your SIM pack. Click the ‘Continue’ button and fill in your personal details. Verify your details and submit the form. Document selected successfull!

Is Lycamobile good for international calls?

One of Lycamobile’s slogans is “call the world for less” and it’s easy to see why. Known for its competitive international rates, Lycamobile is a great option for those looking to communicate with friends or loved ones in other parts of the world. But what else can you expect from Lycamobile? Is Lyca mobile customer service any good?

Why is my Lycamobile SIM locked to another network?

If your mobile phone screen shows any of the following when you first put your Lycamobile SIM into your phone: ‘blocked’, ‘barred’, ‘incorrect SIM’ or ‘SP lock’, your mobile may be locked to another network. Please contact your current provider directly to request the code which will allow you to remove your SIM lock.

What is a my Lycamobile account?

When a user registers with Lycamobile, a My Lycamobile account is created. The user can login to check their usage, call history, transaction history, bundle usage and gain access to a lot of useful tools. To register, click here

Does Lycamobile charge auto recharge?

However, you can use our auto recharge feature to automate the process of adding credit to your account so that your plan gets renewed every month on its own and you never run out of minutes to connect with your loved ones. Does Lycamobile charge taxes on my order? All charges are inclusive of tax.

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