Andante card porto

andante card porto

What is the Andante card in Porto?

Andante Card. Porto’s public transport card (called the Andante Tour card) gives you unlimited use of the metro, buses, and some regional trains to get around the city. The Andante Cards are rechargeable travel cards which can be used on Porto’s public transportation.

What travel card should I get in Porto?

The price of the travel card depends on which zones you travel to. If you are going to get around central Porto, then you’ll probably need a Zone 2 card. The Airport is in zone 4. The Andante Tour Card is very similar to the other Andante cards, but is exclusively for tourists.

How to get to Porto?

If you wish to use the public transport in Porto and land in Porto Airport, the best option is to buy an Andante Tour Card, since the airfield is in zone 4 and the Andante 24 will be more expensive. If you get to Porto by car and want to get around the city on transport, the best option is to purchase an Andante 24 and recharge it.

How does the Porto card work?

For a small surcharge, the Porto.Card offers, in addition to free use of local transport, more than 150 discounts on sightseeing, restaurants, shopping and attractions. Here you can buy the Porto.Card online before your trip without surcharge / fees.

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