Tencent stock

tencent stock

Is Tencent the perfect stock?

On the surface, Tencent is an attractive growth stock. It dominates Chinas gaming and social media sectors, and analysts expect its revenue and earnings to rise 21% and 27%, respectively, this year. Those are high growth rates for a stock that trades at just 25 times forward earnings.

Is Tencent’s dividend safe?

Tencent has a dividend yield of 0.31%, which is in the bottom 25% of all stocks that pay dividends. Tencent does not have a long track record of dividend growth. The dividend payout ratio of Tencent is 6.00%. This payout ratio is at a healthy, sustainable level, below 75%.

Did Tencent insiders buy or sell any stocks?

In the past three months, Tencent insiders have not sold or bought any company stock. Only 0.62% of the stock of Tencent is held by institutions. Earnings for Tencent are expected to grow by 8.62% in the coming year, from $1.74 to $1.89 per share.

Should you buy or sell Tencent stock on the dip?

There are no signs of government pressure easing anytime soon. Tencent s ( OTC:TCEHY) stock has declined about 40% over the past six months. A barrage of negative headlines may have left some investors wondering if they should abandon the stock -- or, on the flip side, buy it on the dip.

Is Tencent Holdings the perfect stock to buy?

And yet, while there is still lots of uncertainty, Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings ( OTC:TCEHY) seems well positioned to weather the near-term turbulence and thrive over the long term, based on its recent earnings release. Now down some 45% from its February highs, it could be a huge opportunity for those willing to take the plunge.

Why is Naspersstock so cheap compared to Tencent?

Whats interesting is that Naspers entire stock actually trades at a sizable discount to the value of its Tencent holdings, despite also being invested in many other global internet, e-commerce, and media start-ups.

Who are Tencents largest investors?

Tencents largest investor is South African venture capital firm Naspers ( OTC:NPSNY), which owns 31% of the Chinese giant thanks to its savvy 2001 investment when Tencent was a small web start-up. That $32 million investment is now worth roughly $140 billion..

What do Wall Street analysts think of Tencent in March?

Wall Street analysts are more sanguine about Tencent. Based on the latest recommendation compilation for March, of the 37 calls, 13 are ‘Strong Buy’, 23 are ‘Buy’, and only 1 ‘Hold’, with no one saying ‘Underperform’ or ‘Sell’, giving it a high rating of 1.8. Compared with February, there are two more ‘Strong Buy’ calls in March.

Why did Tencents stock fall despite strong earnings?

Tencent s ( OTC:TCEHY) stock recently tumbled after antitrust fears overshadowed its impressive fourth-quarter earnings. The Chinese tech giants revenue rose 26% year over year to 133.7 billion yuan ($20.5 billion), beating estimates by 0.6 billion yuan.

Is Tencent a good value at todays price?

Yet with a strong, diverse, and growing business, along with a lower stock price, Tencent looks like a solid value at todays prices, as the above concerns appear baked into its stock price. Tencent remains a pillar of the Chinese tech economy.

What is the ticker symbol for Tencent Music Entertainment Group?

Tencent Music Entertainment Group trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol TME. Who are Tencent Music Entertainment Groups major shareholders?

Should you buy Tencent Holdings (tcehy) stock?

For long-term investors, the ups-and-downs of TCEHY stock are part-and-parcel of the tribulations-filled but rewarding journey of owning the social media and gaming giant. Naspers Limited (OTCPK:NPSNY) (OTCPK:NAPRF), a South African company that was an early investor in Tencent Holdings, was one such beneficiary.

What does ‘buy the dip’ mean? Buying the dip refers to buying an asset, like a stock or cryptocurrency, after its price has declined from a recent high. Ideally, you’re getting a bargain, and if the price rebounds, you’ll make money.

Is Tencent the perfect stock?

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