Cvc sesimbra

cvc sesimbra

Why choose Sesimbra?

Sesimbra is one of the finest beach resorts in Portugal. It is adored by the Portuguese who flock to the region for their holidays, drawn by the pristine beaches, relaxed atmosphere and outstanding seafood restaurants.

What is the Castelo de Sesimbra?

High above Sesimbra is the Castelo de Sesimbra which was constructed by the Moors during the 8-11th century. The castle is surprisingly large and provides outstanding views of the region from the battlements. It is a demanding 20minute uphill walk to the castle from the town centre. Related articles: Castelo de Sesimbra.

What to do in Sesimbra?

Sesimbra village has retained its discreet charm with narrow streets, outdoor cafes and a palm-lined promenade on the waterfront. Water sports, especially diving, guided hikes, bird watching and dinosaur footprints are among the many programs that entertain visitors.

Where are the beaches in Sesimbra?

To the east of Sesimbra are Serra da Arrabida hills, and found at the base of the hills are the idyllic beaches Portinho da Arrábida. These beaches are picturesque, with crystal clear waters, soft golden sands and the stunning backdrop of the Serra da Arrabida hills.

What to do in Sesimbra Portugal?

Quick Overview of Sesimbra Activities. • Relax on the beautiful Praia da Califórnia beach and bath in its crystal-clear waters. • Hike up to the Castelo de Sesimbra, with it’s wonderful panoramic views of the town. • Eat a delicious meal of freshly caught fish and shellfish in a family run Marisqueira restaurant.

What are the beaches like in Sesimbra?

The beaches in Sesimbra are beautiful and are great for families and small children. The waters are clean and very calm. There are beaches within walking distance of Sesimbra such as California Beach (“Praia da Califórnia”).

What is Sesimbra famous for?

Sesimbra is a delightful resort town, which is adored by the Portuguese. The town is a popular holiday destination and is famed for its seafood restaurants, glorious beaches, and authentic Portuguese atmosphere. Surrounding Sesimbra is the Serra da Arriba mountains and a rugged coastline of cliffs, rocky headlands and hidden cove beaches.

Is Sesimbra Castle worth visiting?

Explore Sesimbra Castle Whether you go by car or fancy the 600 metre pedestrian path from the upper part of the village to the Porta do Sol entrance, Sesimbra Castle is worth visiting. Construction was originally started in 1201, thanks to King Sancho II. Look out for his statue, and remarkable moustache, on a roundabout on your way to the castle.

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