Travel to netherlands

travel to netherlands

Can I travel to the Netherlands?

You may only enter the Netherlands if the purpose of your trip falls under one of the exemption categories. For example, people who have been fully vaccinated can be exempted from the EU entry ban. Unless you are travelling from a country that has been designated as a very high-risk area due to the presence of a variant of concern.

What is the Netherlands known for?

From painters and waterworks to flowers and delicacies, this is what the Netherlands is known for. Discover the Dutch coast with 250 km worth of beaches, dunes, and the greatest seaside towns. Check out the regions bordering the North Sea and book a great holiday on the coast.

What are the requirements to move to the Netherlands?

Regular entry requirements 1 Visas. Any time you spent in the Netherlands or other Schengen countries before 1 January 2021 does not count towards your 90-day visa-free limit. 2 Passport validity. ... 3 Travelling with children. ... 4 UK Emergency Travel Documents. ... 5 Moving to the Netherlands. ...

Is the Netherlands a good country for cyclists?

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with glorious national parks, picturesque windmills, and romantic canals all waiting to be explored. Cyclists will feel right at home in a country where there are more bikes than people while history, art, and architecture lovers will have plenty of sights to pique their interest.

Even though the Netherlands is a relatively small country, the Dutch are known and famous for many things. The people who keep this progressive and blissful country going are the Dutch, who are known for their unique characteristics. So, if you do not know much about the Dutch, you may wonder, “What are the Dutch known for?”.

What does Netherlands mean?

To wrap things up, The Netherlands has a heap of history and tons of fun things to see and do. Let us know what we missed in the comments below, and remember to check out our guides to some of the neighboring countries: France and Germany. What is the Netherlands famous for?

Why is the Netherlands famous for having the world’s tallest people?

What do I need to know before moving to the Netherlands?

If you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands, there are certain things to be aware of before you make the move. These include a range of issues, from visa requirements to the Dutch cycling lifestyle. To help you out, here’s our checklist for moving to the Netherlands, including information on the following topics:

Do I need a visa to move to the Netherlands?

Don’t worry about getting a visa if you are moving from within the EU. The Netherlands is part of the Schengen area of Europe, which includes a number of countries with a common visa and no border controls.

What is the 30 percent rule for moving to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a 30 percent ruling that is essentially a 30 percentage of reimbursement for the expenses incurred for having to move and stay in the Netherlands for your new job. Our Netherlands immigration specialists can give you more information on how this rule applies and what are the employer’s obligations.

How to become a Dutch citizen through naturalization?

You can obtain Dutch citizenship through naturalization if you have lived continuously for five years in the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can assist you in obtaining a residence permit or becoming a Dutch citizen. the applicant meets the general conditions (listed below by our Dutch immigration agents);

With 22 million bicycles for 17 million inhabitants, 32,000 kilometers of bicycle lanes, and the largest bicycle parking facilities in the world, the Netherlands could absolutely claim to be the world’s number one cycling country. How did we get here?

How many km of cycling paths are there in the Netherlands?

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