Alfama district

alfama district

Where is Alfama located?

The Alfama district is located on one of the seven hills of Lisbon, between Castelo de São Jorge and the Tagus river. Alfama is Lisbons oldest neighbourhood; in fact, during the time of Moorish rule, Lisbon consisted only of Alfama.

How to get to Alfama district of Lisbon?

Insider tip: There are many hills in Alfama, and for any tour of the district we recommend taking the number 28 tram up to the highest point, the Largo da Graça (1), and wandering in a generally downhill direction. Ride the number 28 Tram from central Lisbon up to the Largo da Graça (1), which is on the edge of the Graça district.

What to do in Alfama?

If you are new to Lisbon, we recommend that Alfama should be the first district that you begin your discovery of the city. This article will provide an introduction to the district, by providing a suggested tour and details of the main tourist attractions. • Climb to the top of the National Pantheon with the panoramic views over Lisbon waterfront.

How did Alfama become a Moorish city?

It was settled as far back as the Iron Age, and later occupied by the Romans, Visigoths and other Germanic tribes, before becoming the heart of Moorish Lisbon. With the conquest of the city by Portugal’s first king in 1147, the Moors were either killed in the siege or segregated in Mouraria, and Alfama became home to the upper classes.

What is Alfama in Lisbon?

View from Miradouro de Santa Luzia at dusk. The Alfama (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫˈfɐmɐ]) is the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading on the slope between the São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river.

Where to start in Alfama?

Alfama is actually a small district, so it’s pretty easy to get around and see it all! Nevertheless, Alfama is located upon an hill. Just like Montmartre in Paris! So you will prefer to start at the top and walk down the neighborhood. If you go up, you will get tired very quickly! What I suggest is for you to start at Castelo São Jorge.

Did you know that Alfama was once inhabited by Romans?

The area where Alfama currently sits was already inhabited during the Visigoth period. The Romans also left their stamp with the ruins of a Roman Theatre, built under Augustus during 1 century BC. It is located inside the Cathedral on the Rua da Saudade.

Where is Alfama in Santa Luzia?

Near Miradouro of Santa Luzia is located the Museum of Decorative Arts ( Museu de Artes Decorativas ), a 17th-century mansion. From 2012, Alfama is part of the freguesia of Santa Maria Maior.

What to do in Alfama in Lisbon?

The Top 9 Attractions in Lisbons Alfama Neighborhood. 1 Take in the View From Miradouro das Portas do Sol. TripSavvy / Gautier Houba Address Largo Portas do Sol, 1100-411 Lisboa, Portugal Get ... 2 Explore the Castelo Sao Jorge. 3 Visit the Lisbon Cathedral. 4 Hitch a Ride on the 28 Tram. 5 Learn About Local Sounds at the Fado Museum. More items

What is Alfama like to visit?

Alfama is so beautiful. Looks like a place rich in heriatage and history. I was particularly fascinated by the Lisbon Cathedral, it looks a lot like the Notre Dame in Paris. The other building that is simply magnificent is the Monastery. Alfama is indeed a new perspective of Portugal apart from the normal bucket list sights.

What happened to Alfama?

Centuries passed by, and the population increased and settled around the Alfama area, including the Jewish communities (you can still see the old Jewish Quarter, see below on 7). Later, in 1755, a devastating earthquake of estimated intensity between 8.1 and 9.1, destroyed the city, and Alfama was not an exception.

Is the Recolhimento in Alfama a secret?

It remains a secret, despite offering one of the best panoramic views of Alfama. The gate closes at 7pm, but this is a good spot to relax after a visit to the castle, in the shade of olive trees. See the Recolhimento Viewpoint Visitors Guide .

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