G2a portugal

g2a portugal

What is G2A?

G2A.COM Limited (commonly referred to as G2A) is a global digital marketplace which specializes in gaming products.

Where is G2A registered in Hong Kong?

31/F, Tower Two, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Incorporation number: 2088957 Business registration number: 63264201. Customer (support) services are granted by G2A PL Sp.

What happened to G2A Direct?

G2A Direct was criticized for only allowing 10% from key sales to go to game developers. Addressing G2A in 2018, Charlie Oscar owner Sergei Klimov countered that G2A was not at fault, but indie developers mismanaging their keys.

What can you offer on G2A?

You can offer physical items as well, such as gaming equipment and merchandise, and ship them to any place in the EU. G2A gives you access to a massive customer base and helps you earn more by offering competitive fees.

What is G2A Com used for?

G2A.COM Limited (commonly referred to as G2A) is a digital marketplace headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Poland and Hong Kong. The site specializes in the resale of gaming products by the use of redemption keys. Other products sold on the site include software, prepaid activation codes, electronics, and merchandise.

What is the G2A ecosystem?

The focal point of this ecosystem is G2A Marketplace, the world’s largest marketplace for digital products. G2A is headquartered in Hong Kong, but there are G2A offices in many countries, including China, Poland and the Netherlands.

What is a G2A Plus membership?

G2A Plus is a membership program for G2A Marketplace users. It unlocks the lowest prices on all games on G2A.COM by giving you an additional discount on already discounted items.

Can you buy electronics on G2A?

G2A is also branching out to offer physical products with its newest marketplace category – G2A Electronics. There, gamers and geeks alike can find great deals on various electronics products, including gaming peripherals. How does G2A Marketplace work? G2A Marketplace lets you buy and sell digital gaming products.

What is G2A?

G2A is an online marketplace designed for gamers. While it does sell physical items like controllers and webcams, it is best known for its cheap online codes. G2A has a wide selection of codes for both memberships and video games. While the site does sell codes for console games, most of its selection caters to computer players via Steam codes.

Are there risks to using G2A?

Are There Risks To Using G2A? As with dealing with any online sellers, there are some risks that come with using G2A. For one thing, you do not always get a working code. While you can trust well-reviewed sellers for the most part and request refunds, you still risk ending up with an unusable code.

Why is G2A so cheap?

Why Is G2A So Cheap? Sellers that use legally obtained codes normally get them during mass sales. If they see a popular game has a two day Steam sale of 50 percent off, they buy large numbers of the game and resell each one for a slightly higher price (which is nonetheless lower than RRP).

Where is the G2A head office located in Hong Kong?

G2A Direct Head Office Hong Kong Research & Development Warsaw, Poland Cracow, Poland Rzeszow, Poland 31/F, Tower Two, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Incorporation number: 2088957 Business registration number: 63264201.

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