What is the meaning of Ait?

Definition of ait. British. : a little island.

What can AIT do for You?

In-air Clearance. Improve U.S. import transit times by as much as one full day with AITs Wheels Up Clearance process. Cross the Pond. Get time back for your business—let AITs experts manage transatlantic bookings, customs, and more. Join the Team. Ready to be at the forefront of supply chain innovation?

Who is AIT Worldwide Logistics?

AIT Worldwide Logistics specializes in air and sea freight, ground distribution, warehouse management, 3pl and custom supply chain solutions. Learn more here.

Why choose AIT for international trade?

AIT partners with the industrys most recognizable global air carriers to deliver national gateway management and capacity advantages for import and export commodities. Our team of experts facilitates all of the formalities and details associated with exporting and importing all commodity types.

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