Why choose Vistaprint?

For more than 20 years, Vistaprint has helped small business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers create expertly designed custom marketing. Our website is intended to help you find the products you need – business cards, promotional products and more – and to create a look you love.

What happened to Vistaprint?

However, after appealing, the German Federal Patent Court ruled in favour of, rescinding Vistaprint’s controversial software patent in March 2009. Separately, in May 2007, the company filed a patent infringement suit against two Taylor Corporation subsidiaries, 123Print and DrawingBoard.

What is the difference between Cimpress and VistaPrint?

Cimpress proprietary process involves multiple software components, and the management of multiple production components, in an end-to-end production workflow from click to ship. Vistaprint is vertically integrated with production facilities for North America in Windsor, Ontario and for Europe in Venlo, Netherlands.

Is Vistaprint made in the USA?

The facility will serve as home to more than 20 brands, one of which is Vistaprint. In August 2018, Vistaprint announced that it would continue to expand its presence in North America with a new facility in Dallas, Texas. This will be the second manufacturing facility in the U.S. Vistaprint plans to have the manufacturing fully completed by 2023.

What is Vistaprint?

It was a direct marketer of desktop publishing software and pre-printed laser-printer-compatible specialty papers for printing brochures, stationery and business cards from the desktops – focused on small business customers. In 1999, the company moved its business to the internet and changed its name to Vistaprint.

What is a Cimpress company?

VistaPrint, a Cimpress company, helps small business owners create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing – the assortment of products they need to look and feel professional, prepared and plugged in. Yes, we said assortment.

How is Cimpress making improvements to its mass customization platform?

The improvements to the Cimpress mass customization platform will be founded on the company’s existing technologies and production operations. Every year since 1999, the company has invested at least 10 percent of its revenues into technology and development, including $176 million in its last fiscal year.

How many complaints and reviews are there about Vistaprint?

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