Channing tatum

channing tatum

What is Channing Tatums real name?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Channing Matthew Tatum (born April 26, 1980) is an American actor, producer, and dancer. Tatum made his film debut in the drama film Coach Carter (2005). His breakthrough role was in the 2006 dance film Step Up, which introduced him to a wider audience.

Who will play Channing Tatum in side effects?

Rooney Mara Joins Channing Tatum, Jude Law in Steven Soderberghs Side Effects . Retrieved February 11, 2012.

Does Channing Tatum want to produce his own movies?

In an interview with Details magazine, published in early 2012, Tatum said he wants to produce all the films he stars in, I really dont want to be in any more movies that I dont produce. Unless its with one of the 10 directors that I really want to work with, I dont have any interest in not being on the ground floor of creating it.

How much did Channing Tatum make for Stop-Loss?

Although it was widely panned, it has earned $115 million worldwide. In 2008, Tatum co-starred in director Kimberly Peirce s film Stop-Loss, about soldiers returning home from the Iraq War, and in director Stuart Townsend s film Battle in Seattle, about the 1999 protest of the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle.

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