What is a Rimowa original?

Made of gleaming high-end aluminium with its distinctive grooves, the RIMOWA Original is one of the most recognisable luggage pieces of all time. A design first launched in 1950, the robust and lightweight Original has been expertly designed and engineered in Germany to last a lifetime of travel.

Is Rimowa a good brand of luggage?

Is Rimowa Worth It? Good luggage is integral to a seamless trip, which is why Rimowa offers durable, hard-wearing travel essentials. Best known for its iconic aluminum suitcases, the brand also offers lightweight polycarbonate versions, functional bags, and packing accessories for happy, easy travels.

What is the RIMOWA unique service?

RIMOWA UNIQUE is a customization service specially designed to add a personal touch to your RIMOWA Classic Cabin. Discover how to make your suitcase unique by visiting the online configurator or inquire about customization options at your local RIMOWA store.

How much is a Rimowa 008/500 worth?

In May 2019, the number 008/500 of this special edition was sold for US$14,000 at auction house Sothebys in New York city. For the ‘Never Still’ global brand campaign, RIMOWA enlisted a series ambassadors to promote their new brand identity.

What is a Rimowa originals?

Rimowa Originals have all the bells and whistles you’d expect: including Rimowa’s patented multiwheel system, a telescopic handle, and interior flex dividers to keep all that expensive equipment (or just your sweaters and pants) in place.

What does Rimowa mean in German?

Rimowa ( German pronunciation: [ʁɪˈmoːva] ), often stylized as RIMOWA, is a high-quality luggage manufacturer. The company was founded in 1898, in Cologne, Germany . RIMOWA suitcases are widely known for their parallel aluminium grooves, which have become characteristic of the brand.

What makes the RIMOWA classic cabin so special?

Manufactured with high-end anodized aluminum alloy, the Rimowa Classic Cabin melds designer luxury with functional features for a suitcase that will take you pretty much any place you want to go.

What is the history of Rimowa luggage?

Created to offer serious luggage for serious travelers, the history of Rimowa dates all the way back to 1898. At that time, the company launched its first-ever suitcase, which was made from tough, long-lasting wood. Fast forward 39 years to 1937, when the brand’s first aluminum suitcase was developed by founder Paul Morszeck’s son, Richard.

What is Rimowa unique?

Introducing RIMOWA UNIQUE – a new way to create custom luggage that is as unique as your travels. Discover more on the RIMOWA official website. Introducing RIMOWA UNIQUE – a new way to create custom luggage that is as unique as your travels. Discover more on the RIMOWA official website.

How do I create my own Rimowa unique luggage?

Create, preview, and purchase your own customized RIMOWA UNIQUE luggage in four easy steps: choose a luggage size and color, browse our range of colorful wheels and handles, and finish it off with a personalized leather luggage tag. Make it yours. You dont have any designs yet.

How do I contact Rimowa client care?

Alternatively, please reach out to our Client Care team by by phone on +1-312-635-6607, email on contact_us@rimowa.com, or by filling out this contact form. Can I purchase RIMOWA Unique to pick up in store? Please be advised that RIMOWA Unique cannot be purchased through the Pick Up in Store option.

Can an item be available at Rimowa but not in store?

Although unlikely, there may be rare cases where an item will be available at our warehouse and unavailable in store. In such cases, you will have (2) options to complete your purchase with RIMOWA:

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