What does Calheta mean in Portuguese?

Calheta ( Portuguese pronunciation: [kɐˈʎetɐ] ( listen)) is a municipality on the island of São Jorge, in the Portuguese autonomous region of Azores. The municipality includes the eastern portion of the island of São Jorge and borders the municipality of Velas.

When did Calheta become a town?

Calheta was elevated to the status of town on 3 June 1534 by regal decree, issued by King D. John III. Meanwhile, other settlements developed rapidly due to a number of sheltered anchorages and the fertility of the small fajãs where colonists established homes.

What happened at the Battle of Calheta?

In 1597, a section of the squadron commanded by the Count of Essex, attacked the village of Calheta. To repel the invaders, the inhabitants, hurled rocks (their only defense) from the cliffs at the English privateers attempting to reach the shore.

When was the first lighthouse built in Calheta?

The sheltered cove was elaborated in 1755, and a lighthouse constructed in 1873 to improve navigation and shipping. In addition to the parochial church, the Church of Santo António was completed in 1816, along the Rua de Baixo which connects Calheta and Ribeira Seca.

What happened to the Battle of Calth?

The act which heralded the Battle of Calth went unseen and undetected at the time, by human eyes at least, for it was performed in the silent outer reaches of the Veridian System. That act was the taking of an aged fleet auxiliary tender by the name of the Campanile, and no report was made of this event and none survived it.

Why was the Siege of Calcutta fought?

The siege of Calcutta was a battle between the Bengal Subah and the British East India Company on 20 June 1756. The Nawab of Bengal, Siraj ud-Daulah, aimed to seize Calcutta to punish the company for the unauthorised construction of fortifications at Fort William.

Who fought in the Battle of Calabria WW2?

The Battle of Calabria, (known to the Italian Navy as the Battle of Punta Stilo) was a naval battle during the Battle of the Mediterranean in the Second World War. It was fought between the Italian Royal Navy (Regia Marina) and the British Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy.

Where did the Battle of Monongahela take place?

The Battle of the Monongahela (also known as the Battle of Braddocks Field and the Battle of the Wilderness) took place on 9 July 1755, at the beginning of the French and Indian War, at Braddocks Field in what is now Braddock, Pennsylvania, 10 miles (16 km) east of Pittsburgh.

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