A toga

a toga

What is a toga?

The toga was the official state garment and a symbol of ancient Roman culture. A toga is a one-piece garment that has become closely associated with Ancient Rome, where it was the official state garment and a symbol of Roman culture.

When did the Romans start wearing togas?

It can be seen on statues and paintings from as early as 753 BCE, during the earliest years of the Roman Republic. It was common until the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE. Togas worn in the earlier years were quite different from those worn at the end of Roman times. The earliest Roman togas were simple and easy to wear.

What does the purple toga mean in Rome?

The toga that most Roman males coveted, though, was the toga praetexta which had a purple stripe. This toga indicated that the wearer was a senator, magistrate or had a special ritual status, for example, they were a priest or someone charged with tending a shrine.

What is the difference between a toga and a shawl?

While the basic style of a toga—a shawl draped over the shoulder—was worn by the ancient Etruscans and, later, the Greeks, the toga went through several changes before finally becoming the classic Roman item of clothing. A Roman toga, simply described, is a long piece of fabric draped over the shoulders in one of several ways.

What is a toga in ancient Rome?

Toga picta (painted toga): Dyed solid purple, decorated with imagery in gold thread, and worn over a similarly-decorated tunica palmata; used by generals in their triumphs. During the Empire, it was worn by consuls and emperors.

Why did Romulus wear a purple and white striped toga?

The purple and white striped toga trabea was worn by Romulus and other consuls officiating at important ceremonies. Sometimes the property-owning equite class of Roman citizen wore a toga trabea with a narrow purple stripe.

What does the Color Purple mean in ancient Rome?

In ancient Rome, purple color was associated with royalty, power and wealth. Only the aristocrats wore clothes dyed in this color. In Roman Colors symbolism, Purple color was also known as Tyrian purple or Imperial purple. The ancient Romans obtained this color from a dye that was extracted from plants.

What color was the toga picta worn by the Emperor?

The toga picta was worn by praetors celebrating games and by consuls at the time of the emperors. The imperial toga picta worn by the emperor was dyed a solid purple—truly a royal purple. Gill, N.S.

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