What does CEPSA stand for?

Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U. ( Spanish Petroleum Company ), commonly known as Cepsa, is a Spanish multinational oil and gas company. It operates in several European countries as well as in Algeria, Canada, Colombia, Morocco, Brazil, and Panama. The company currently produces around 260,000 barrels per day (41,000 m 3 /d)...

Who are we at CEPSA?

We are a global energy company at the forefront in different sectors and present in the day to day of many people, such as cinema or music. Discover how far we got in Cepsa.

Why choose Cepsa for your energy?

Cepsa is committed to energy as a source of progress. We’re working hard to find new ways to use it and are constantly innovating to offer you the best services in a more sustainable way. Discover everything that happens at our company. We are committed to ethical and transparent governance. We follow the guidelines

What is CEPSA doing for digital transformation?

At Cepsa we are carrying out digital transformation across all of our areas and businesses, with the aspiration of being an agile, data driven company. We use advanced analytics in our decision making to make us more agile and adaptable in our ways of working, while generating added value across all of our businesses.

What does CPSA stand for?

THE COMMUNITY Pharmacy Services Agreement ( CPSA ), the new national agreement between community pharmacies and local district health boards (DHBs), came into effect in July 2012 and is being rolled out in stages over three years.

What is the history of CEPSA?

Cepsa was founded in 1929 as a private company led by Francisco Recasens, with its first refinery located at Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

What does CEPA stand for in business?

CEPA. Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement. Economic, Arrangement, Partnership. Economic, Arrangement, Partnership. 4. CEPA. Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. Banking, Finance, Business. Banking, Finance, Business.

Why did CEPSA become a monopoly?

Because of the CAMPSA state monopoly of fuel distribution, Cepsa sold its production to that company. It expanded to lubricant production in 1950 and petrochemical products in 1955.

Why choose CEPSA?

At Cepsa we are generators of energy. This is a great privilege, but also a great responsibility that we look to achieve striving for excellence and with the support of our three pillars. Is based on specialization, efficiency, and knowledge, which means we can offer you the best energy solutions.

What is CEPSA positive motion?

Cepsa wants to play a leading role in this great transition. This is our Positive Motion strategy. Going ahead to enable customers and society to move in the right direction. Leading the production of green hydrogen and biofuels to accelerate the decarbonization of our customers in different sectors.

How can I contact Cepsa for any queries?

If you have any queries, you can write to us at brand@cepsa.com We update our brand. The color red remains, but now it is joined by bright, clean, technological backdrops. WANT TO KNOW HOW WE HAVE CHANGED? We slightly redesign the symbol and color and strengthen of one of the emblems of our Company, the color red. WANT TO KNOW HOW WE HAVE CHANGED?

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