Chris pincher

chris pincher

Who is Chris Pincher?

British politician’s sexual orientation revealed From 2018 to 2019 and from February to June of 2022, Chris Pincher, also known as Christopher John Pincher, held the positions of Government Deputy Chief Whip and Treasurer of the Household.

What happened to David Pincher?

On 8 February 2022, during Johnsons cabinet reshuffle, Pincher was moved back to his former role as Government Deputy Chief Whip in the House of Commons. He was succeeded as Minister of State for Housing by Stuart Andrew. [32]

What does the Chris Pincher scandal mean for gay men?

The Chris Pincher scandal reminds gay men like me who’ve experienced assault of the difficult reality of being a victim of sexual violence.

Who is Tamworth’s MP Chris Pincher?

Chris Pincher is the Conservative MP for Tamworth, and was first elected to the constituency in May 2010. He has held the seat in three subsequent general elections, winning a 19,634 majority in 2019.

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