What is the meaning of♀ Liliana?

♀ Liliana. What does Liliana mean? Liliana ▲ as a girls name is of Latin origin, and the name Liliana means lily.

Is Liliana a good name for a girl?

Its among the Spanish and Italian names for girls that make smooth transitions to the English-speaking world. The late Sopranos star James Gandolfini has a daughter named Liliana Ruth. These 20 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Liliana.

How old is Liliana Caldini now?

Liliana Caldini (26 August 1951 – 3 July 2022) [1] [2] was an Argentine model, actress, and television show host. She became famous in Argentina at age 18, [3] after appearing in a television commercial for the cigarette brand named Chesterfield.

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