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deutsche bahn

How do I reserve seats on Deutsche Bahn trains?

Seats can be can be reserved on Deutsche Bahn trains using the Omio App. Will there be a problem if more than one person is on our booking but just one name is on the ticket?

Can I rebook my long-distance ticket with Deutsche Bahn?

Seat reservations Rebooking seats on long-distance journeys will no longer be possible for this fare as of 13 December 2020. Exception: If you were not able to use your seat reservation for reasons attributable to Deutsche Bahn, the reservation fee will be refunded. Possible reasons attributable to Deutsche Bahn: Your coach was not available.

Can children travel on Deutsche Bahn trains?

Children under 5 can travel on all Deutsche Bahn trains within Germany, as well as trains to Austria and Swizerland, free of charge. They do not need a ticket to travel but to guarantee a seat then a seperate seat reservation must be bought.

What is Deutsche Bahn doing to protect the health of passengers?

Protecting the health of its employees and passengers is Deutsche Bahns top priority. People who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt from doing so. DBs train crews are, within the scope of privacy regulations, entitled to ask passengers to produce a medical certificate.

How can I Reserve a seat in a train?

Make your journey comfortable and relaxing with a seat reservation. For long-distance trains, you can either book your reservation online directly with your ticket or separately, independently of a ticket. You can also reserve seats for some regional trains - these reservations can be made at the ticket machines.

How do I book a Deutsche Bahn train ticket?

Here are the three main ways to book a Deutsche Bahn train ticket. You can read this in depth article on exact step by step instructions on buying train tickets in Germany for each type of individual ticket. Online: If you are booking the Germany Pass or a Single Ticket, then this is probably your best option.

What is the German rail pass ticket?

The German Rail Pass Ticket is a flat rate ticket that covers unlimited train travel within Germany and you can choose differing tickets that allows you to book anywhere from 4-10 train tickets within one month.

How do I select a seat on the Bahn?

For this reason, we recommend using the coach diagram on and in DB Navigator to select seats. Available seats are dark grey. Just click on one to select it. In the case of cross-border connections, the company operating the service decides which places are available for booking.

NEW: You can now book the digital ticket more flexibly up to 10 minutes after the departure of the long-distance train (ICE and IC/EC) on or in the DB Navigator app. There is one condition: the train must travel for over 10 minutes between the station where you board and the following stop. What are flexible fare tickets called in German?

Why is my Deutsche Bahn ticket only in German?

Following is a translation of your Deutsche Bahn ticket as well as more information about German train tickets. Because these tickets are issued by the German rail operator, they are only issued in German. Weve created a guide in English to help you understand your tickets and key terms. Is my ticket for all passengers?

How do I book at ticket for long-distance travel?

Do children need a ticket to travel by train in Germany?

Children aged up to and including 5 always travel for free within Germany, and they do not need a ticket. This is also the case if they are not travelling with parents or grandparents. To ensure that your children get a place on board the train, you can purchase a seat reservation for them as well.

What are the ticket prices for children on Deutsch Bahn?

Deutsche Bahns ticket prices for children are based on the childrens age and who they are accompanying. Children aged 0-5. Children aged up to and including 5 always travel for free within Germany, and they do not need a ticket. This is also the case if they are not travelling with parents or grandparents.

How do I book a train ticket with Deutsche Bahn?

This ticket and the accompanying reservations can be booked in a DB Travel Centre or by phone from DBs travel service (+49 30 2970 - prices vary by provider). It is possible to reserve up to 8 seats for children, which means that up to 10 people can enjoy hassle-free travel with Deutsche Bahn.

Do you get a discount on Bahn cards in Germany?

BahnCard 25 and 50 holders get a discount of 25% or 50% when travelling within Germany. Can children accompany me for free? Children aged 0-5 always travel free of charge and do not need to be included when booking a ticket. Children aged 6-14 travel for free when accompanying parents/grandparents.

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