Ducati desert x

ducati desert x

What makes the Ducati DesertX special?

The identity of this bike leaves no room for doubt: just looking at it, it brings you into the atmosphere of Dakar racing. DesertX is the first modern Ducati with 21 front wheel and 18 rear, long stroke suspension and a new frame designed specifically for the off-road experience.

Is the 2022 Ducati DesertX the scrambler DesertX?

Ducati hinted at its intentions back in 2019, showing the Scrambler DesertX concept, inspired by the Ducati-engined Cagiva Elefant, but the 2022 production DesertX – carrying similar styling but on a completely different platform – doesn’t have the market to itself.

Why choose DesertX?

DesertX is functional, a sport tool, competent, technologically advanced and effective like all Ducatis. Post heritage and digitale The Ducati DesertX is designed as a tool: essential and robust. Style is driven by functionality. Thats why we pushed for a minimalist aesthetic.

What does DesertX mean?

DesertX is a sport-tool, which we made easy on every road. The DesertX is a versatile bike: it has been specifically developed to cope with the most demanding off-road riding, but it is also safe and comfortable for touring, and at home on everyday trails.

How much power does the Ducati DesertX have?

Featuring Ducati’s signature desmodromic valvetrain, the DesertX’s liquid-cooled, 937cc Testastretta 11° L-Twin makes 68 lb-ft of torque and benefits from the same updates seen on the Monster and Multistrada V2, including a lightweight clutch, smoother shift actuation, and a 3.7-pound weight reduction versus the previous-gen engine.

Is the Ducati DesertX suitable for off-roading?

Clearly, off-roading is what Ducati has in mind for the DesertX, and it’s equipped it for the task with a host of features designed to prepare it for life in the rough stuff.

When will the Ducati DesertX be released?

Two years on from Ducati’s first tease of a Dakar-inspired adventure bike, designed to conquer continents both on and off-road, the Italian manufacturer has today fully unveiled the brand-new DesertX and given us all a glimpse at what will be appearing in showrooms in spring 2022. So, what’s there to know about the DesertX?

Can you take a DesertX bike to the adventure bike rider Festival?

Ducati is bringing a fleet of DesertX bikes to the Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2022, giving you the opportunity to take one for a spin off-road throughout the weekend. Early Bird tickets are available to buy today here, giving you a saving of £30 on weekend tickets, but they’re almost sold out.

What is the DesertX?

DesertX is the first modern Ducati with 21 front wheel and 18 rear, long stroke suspension and a new frame designed specifically for the off-road experience. 21 ”front and 18” rear wheels, long stroke suspension, generous ground clearance (250mm) and an off-road frame designed and tested to withstand the toughest conditions.

Why ride with DesertX?

Take your wildest dreams and make them come true. Bring some friends and get ready to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. DesertX will take you all the way, having been ridden by a champion of the calibre of Antoine Méo.

What makes the new Ducati DesertX so special?

Ducati have combined the two most popular market segment bikes into one, creating one of the most exciting models in recent years. Technologically interesting, beautifully styled and with the business case to cheer up the greyest faced accountant, the DesertX has all the raw ingredients to take the motorcycle world by storm.

What kind of engine does the DesertX have?

The new DesertX is equipped with the latest evolution of the water-cooled 937 cc Desmodromic 11° Testastretta engine with 110 horsepower and 92 Nm of torque.

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