What is bunq and how does it work?

bunq also comes with a fully-fledged debit card, including that of a social responsibility program that plants a new tree every time you spend €100. With the card issued by MasterCard, you’ll be able to use bunq to purchase goods and services online and in-person. Moreover, you can also withdraw cash from an ATM.

Is bunq a good mobile bank?

The Dutch bank bunq is one of several mobile-only banks to appear in the last few years in Europe. While the slightly higher sticker price than many of their competitors might be off-putting, the bank’s unique philosophy might still persuade you to open an account.

How do I contact bunq?

How do I Contact bunq? If you need to speak with a customer support agent, bunq offers a number of options. The easiest way to make contact is via live chat. You will need to access this through your bunq app, which is handy as there will be no requirement to confirm your personal information.

What countries is bunq available in?

bunq is available in most of the European Economic Area, including Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Belgium. How do I close a bunq bank account?

What is the bunq app?

Simply put, bunq is a banking app which allows you to have total control over your money through your phone. You will no longer have to go through one million steps and wait for hours in the waiting room of some bank. You can simply transfer, pay, order your card and much more through this one, simple app.

Should I use bunq in the UK?

However, it may be a good idea if you spend a considerable amount of time in mainland Europe and you’re looking for a flexible EU bank account that works well in the UK. If that’s the case, using bunq in the UK is relatively simple. Card payments are free – bunq uses the Mastercard exchange rate, which tends to be one of the best ones around.

What is bunq’s Green Card?

bunq’s Green Card is a metal card, known as easyGreen Personal, that can be used with any bank account. bunq plants a tree for every €100 you spend with your metal card. It aims to “make the world a greener place with zero effort” (from you, that is). The card is made of stainless steel and has a 50% longer life than a regular plastic card.

How can I get funding for my bunq account?

Nevertheless, when it comes to funding your account, bunq offers a number of options. This includes an external bank transfer, debit/credit card, or a cash deposit via a supported third-party agent. Once you have money in your bunq account, you can transfer funds out both domestically and internationally.

How do I contact bunq customer support?

If there is a particular incident you want us to look into, please reach out to support@bunq.com from the email associated with your bunq account! I loved bunq from the first moment I met them but the V3 update made me decide to move to other banks for about a year.

How to check your bank account on bunq?

The first thing you do is register with bunq using your mobile phone number. Once you have identified yourself and registered, you can use your bank account. In the app overview, you can see your accounts, your cards, what you have spent this month and, for example, savings accounts or joint accounts. Where can I find the IBAN for bunq?

Why choose the bunq app?

Easy to use : The bunq app is rated 4.3 stars on Google and can be used for all required functions. Banking right in your pocket. 3 account types : With Easy Bank (€ 2,99 per month), Easy Money (€ 8.99 per month) and Easy Green (€ 17.99 per month), you have 3 different account options to choose from.

What are people saying about bunq?

“One of the best accounts on the market. bunq provides a great product. Easy to use app. Great flexible limits on your debit / credit card. You can grow trees - while spending.

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