What is the visibility of CAVOK?

CAVOK 1 Visibility is more than 6¼ mi+ 2 There is no cloud below the 5,000 ft 3 There is no significant cloud cover (cumulonimbus or towering cumulus) 4 There is no significant weather

Who is CAVOK?

CAVOK, a division of Oliver Wyman, is an aviation services and consulting firm that supports certification and maintenance pro­grams for clients worldwide.

What does CAVOK mean for clouds?

Broken clouds at an altitude of 1,700 ft CAVOK means that clouds and visibility are okay (clouds and visibility OK). CAVOK is a special code, it replaces visibility, clouds and weather. To be CAVOK these conditions must be met:

What does it take to be CAVOK?

To be CAVOK these conditions must be met: There is no significant cloud cover (cumulonimbus or towering cumulus) With CAVOK, our example would look a lot shorter. Thats why pilots sometimes jokingly put a yardstick next to the METAR to see if the weather is nice: METAR EHLE 280925Z 21009G19KT 060V130 CAVOK 02/M01 Q1001

What does CAVOK mean in aviation?

CAVOK (aviation) Acronym of ceiling (or clouds) and visibility [are] OK., a weather status report for pilots when visibility is at least 10 kilometres, there are no clouds below 5000 feet or minimum sector altitude (whichever is higher), and there is no current or forecast significant weather such as precipitation.

What is the difference between CAVU and CAVOK?

CAVU means: CLEAR OR SCATTERED C LOUDS A ND V ISIBILIY U NLIMITED (GREATER THAN TEN MILES). CAVOK means: C LOUD A ND V ISIBILITY OK (METAR).. This military document, has a little more background: Overseas locations may use the contraction “CAVOK” (ceiling and visibility OK).

When to use CAVOK in ATC?

CAVOK is used when there is no significant weather, the visibility is 10 km or greater, and the ceilings are greater than 5,000 ft. I have never heard them used in verbal ATC communication, and they are not listed in the Pilot/Controller Glossary so should not be used on the radio.

Where can I hear the CAVU?

You can hear it at the airports where there is no ATIS , when ATC communicates the weather info. CAVU is not formally defined in Annex 3 .

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