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bill de blasio

Why Bill de Blasio is the luckiest mayor on Earth?

Why Bill de Blasio is the luckiest mayor on earth New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has spent recent months field-testing his new slogan, “There’s plenty of money in this country; it’s just in the wrong hands,” on television, in speeches, and at sparsely attended candidate forums in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Is Bill de Blasio a pragmatist?

Bill de Blasio, development pragmatist. By DANA RUBINSTEIN. 08/30/2013 06:07 PM EDT. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. If Bill de Blasio becomes mayor, ...

Why is Bill de Blasio running for President?

The theory is that he is enhancing his leftist street cred in advance of the 2020 presidential nomination campaign. He would be running against more famous leftists like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Why don’t New Yorkers want Bill de Blasio to run for President?

So why don’t New Yorkers want him to run? The simple answer might be: We’re offended that he doesn’t consider this a full-time job. To watch de Blasio prepping his campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire over these past few months has felt like a slight. It’s also the culmination of a long-term drift in the mayor’s attention.

Does Bill de Blasio Sweat the details?

Which might be fine, if it didn’t so neatly reveal de Blasio’s central fault as mayor-one that would trail him, and hamper him, as a left-wing president: He doesn’t sweat the details.

What is Bill de Blasio’s policy agenda?

Another case study in the mayor’s anecdote-driven policy agenda is his opposition to electric bicycles, which immigrant deliverymen use to take meals to, well, everyone else. Initiating a police crackdown on the drivers, de Blasio said the bikes were “just too dangerous.

Is Bill de Blasio’s ‘culture of evidence’ working in New York?

This is life in de Blasio’s New York, where the best-sounding policy always wins, and the most difficult issues often get overlooked. I could see the appeal after 12 years of Michael Bloomberg’s data-driven rule (“a culture of evidence,” the businessman-mayor boasted) which de Blasio criticized for exacerbating New York’s social divides.

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