Outer banks island

outer banks island

Where are the Outer Banks located?

Written By: Outer Banks, also called the Banks, chain of barrier islands extending southward more than 175 miles (280 km) along the coast of North Carolina, U.S., from Back Bay, Virginia, to Cape Lookout, North Carolina.

Where are the best spots for your Outer Banks vacation?

Here’s an overview to share a few insights that will allow you to choose the best spots for your Outer Banks vacation. For basic orientation, the string begins in North Carolina at Carova to the north and ends at Okracoke Island and Portsmouth Island to the south.

Why are the Outer Banks so important to North Carolina?

Stringing along the North Carolina coast like a necklace, the Outer Banks holds a special place in North Carolina’s history and geography. As barrier islands, they protect the mainland from the brunt of storms and tides. They were the site of the first attempt at a permanent English colony.

What is the difference between the Inner Banks and Outer Banks?

The term Inner Banks and IBX is a similarly new term to refer to the mainland communities along Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds. View from the International Space Station in 2019 (north in the lower left) The Outer Banks is a string of peninsulas and barrier islands separating the Atlantic Ocean from mainland North Carolina.

Did you know about the Outer Banks?

If you discovered this post, you may or may not have heard of the Outer Banks until recently. Commonly referred to as “OBX” the Outer Banks are a group of narrow barrier islands that sit off the coast of inland North Carolina. Over 100 miles of pristine coastline with very easy accessibility to the area beaches.

How has transportation changed in the Outer Banks?

However, the New Deal highway provisions and the creation of the Herbert Bonner Bridge in the 1960s led to drastic transportation improvements. Today, there are two bridges that connect the Outer Banks to North Carolina and a ferry system that links Ocracoke Island to the mainland.

What separates the Outer Banks from mainland North Carolina?

The large Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound separate the outer islands – Bodie, Roanoke, Hatteras, and Ocracoke – from mainland North Carolina. The Outer Banks islands are named after the original inhabitants; Kinnakeet, Chicamacomico, Ocracoke, Hatteras, Manteo are five examples.

What happened to the Outer Banks in 1859?

Two, the link between the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal was finally finished in 1859 and connected the Outer Banks to the economies of the north. The barrier islands started to shift away from subsistence fishing to more commercialized forms.

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Why are so many people moving to Inner Banks?

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