Things to do in belem

things to do in belem

What to do in Belem Portugal?

You have to try the famous pastries and several of Lisbon’s most beautiful monuments are located in Belem. The Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery are UNESCO World Heritage sites that you don’t want to miss. If you have more time, there are more things to see in Belem.

What is the Centro Cultural de Belém?

The Centro Cultural de Belém is Portugal’s biggest arts complex, with over 100,000sqm (1,000,000sqft) playing host to jazz and opera concerts, dance performances and art exhibitions.

What is the Torre de Belem famous for?

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Torre de Belem, is one of the most iconic symbols of Portugal. Situated along the shoreline in the Tagus River, the stone fortress was built in the 16th century to provide protection to the city of Lisbon. The building is comprised of a large bastion and 4-story tower.

What is Belem Tower in Lisbon?

Belem Tower was built in 1515 as a fortress to guard Lisbon’s harbor and now has become the symbol of the city. It’s about a 20 minutes walk from Jeronimos Monastery and Pasteis de Belem.

What is there to do in Belém?

But there are many more things to do in Belém than just these sights. It’s one of the most important neighbourhoods of Lisbon and is full of national monuments, museums, public parks, and grand buildings. In fact, it’s easy to fill an entire day seeing the sights of Belém.

How to get to Belém from Lisbon?

With Culture Trip, you can enjoy a guided walking tour of Belém as part of our specially curated small-group Portugal trip, led by our local insider. The most popular way to travel from central Lisbon to Belém is on the number 15 tram, departing from Praça da Figueira.

Why is Belém so important to Portugal?

However, Belém doesn’t lean on its history and monuments to form an identity – it’s also an essential stop for those interested in understanding modern Portugal, from cutting-edge cultural institutions to food you won’t find anywhere else.

Why is Belém Tower in Lisbon famous?

Belém Tower is an impressive building, surrounded by water in the Tagus River. Construction started in 1514 on the tower that was designed primarily to be part of the defensive system – it has spots for cannons that could shoot at any enemy ships sailing towards Lisbon.

What is the purpose of the Torre de Belém?

Belém Tower (Portuguese: Torre de Belém, pronounced [ˈtoʁ (ɨ) dɨ bɨˈlɐ̃ȷ̃] ), officially the Tower of Saint Vincent (Portuguese: Torre de São Vicente) is a 16th-century fortification located in Lisbon that served as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for Portuguese explorers and as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon.

Why visit the Tower of Belém?

The “Torre de Belém” was also the departing point for many sea expeditions to Asia and África, which greatly influenced the Human history and the world we live in today. In essence, visiting the Tower of Belém is a chance for you to travel in time to better understand our times.

What is the history of Belém?

The shores of Belém were once protected by a vessel, the Grande Nau. It was replaced by the Belém Tower a few years later during the last five years of the reign of King Manuel I of Portugal.

What to do in Belém?

Belém also offers a variety of restaurants and cafes, namely the famous - and delicious - Pastéis de Belém (typical Portuguese custard tarts; make sure you buy an extra box of those!). Easily accessible from Lisbons historic center, Belém is a must-do, especially if youre spending more than one day visiting the Portuguese capital.

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