What is the TGCOM website?

The website contained mainly Italian and international news coverage, as well as political and entertainment news. TGCOM was closely linked to its sister department website, that of TGFIN, based on Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor bulletins.

What does TGcom24 mean?

Mediaset TGcom24 is an Italian 24-hour all-news television channel owned and operated by Mediaset, started in 2011 and broadcast on digital terrestrial television and on the Sky Italia satellite platform in Italy. This channel runs live at 6-1am.

What happened to Mediaset TGCOM 24?

In December 2016, the channel was rebranded Mediaset TGCOM 24 and began sourcing its foreign programming from its Italian counterpart, from which its brand is under licence. Five months later, in May 2017, an HD simulcast of Mediaset TGCOM 24 was launched on Eastlink, as Mediaset TGCOM 24 HD.

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