Plex media server

plex media server

What is a Plex Media Server?

What is a Plex Media Server? Plex ( is an open source piece of software designed to allow you to stream media such as TV and movies.

Why can’t I access the Plex Media settings?

You cannot access the Plex Media settings, following a message “Server Settings are unavailable”. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Plex Server. Go to Settings > General. If you need to update your Server, click the “Check for Updates” button or go to Plex downloads.

How to start a Plex Media Project?

To start with your Plex Media project, you will have to install and configure the Plex Media Server, which at the same time can be used for testing the media, before you test with clients. B. Planning your Plex Media Server.

How do I install Plex on my computer?

Your Plex adventure starts by installing the Plex Media Server software on your chosen machine. Simply download the appropriate installer and follow the instructions. Once the media server is fully installed, it will open a new browser window, which contains the Plex web app.

What is a Plex server?

Plex is a global streaming media service and a client–server media player platform, made by Plex, Inc. The Plex Media Server organizes video, audio, and photos from a users collections and from online services, and streams it to the players.

Where does Plex store my media files?

The media are stored on hard drives in another system and then you map to the second system from your Plex server. This means that the Plex server doesnt actually contain any storage for your media files as they are on another system.

What can you do with Plex?

What You Can Do With Plex: Use any compatible device to watch movies, listen to music, and view pictures stored on your computer thats running Plex Media Server. Access media files stored on your Plex Media Server computer remotely via the internet.

Is Plex a streaming service like Netflix?

However, Plex isn’t a streaming service in the same way as a subscription program like Netflix, or even an à la carte storefront like Vudu. Instead, Plex is a media server.

How to get started with Plex Media Server?

To get started with Plex you will first need a home media server to store all of your files. Many find that their home PC or desktop computer works perfectly for this purpose. One of the most popular ways of populating your Plex Media Server is by downloading and Opening Torrent Files.

What is the Plex web app and how do I use it?

The Plex Media Server comes with the Plex Web App, which allows you to control Plex and access your media through any browser. Again, this should launch automatically and start the Setup Wizard when the server is run for the first time. On a Mac or Windows PC, you can launch the Plex Web App as follows:

What do I need to use Plex?

To use Plex and all of its capabilities, you will want a “home media server” that has the CPU and storage capacity to host all of your content. Because Plex transcodes your files, it is important to have a Plex Media Server that is powerful enough to do so in an efficient manner.

How to add movies to Plex library?

For most people leaving the default name of “Movies” should suffice. Click “Next”. Now it’s time to point Plex at the actual files, select “Browse for media folder” and select the folder that houses your movie files. Once you’ve selected the folder (s), click “Add library” to complete the process.

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