What is posterlounge?

Art for every wall! Posterlounge is your online shop for unique wall art for all occasions. Discover our great selection of paintings, photographs and illustrations by artists from all over the world. Every single image can be printed on a wide range of different materials and in various sizes.

How can I contact poster lounge customer support?

If you would like to contact our customer support team at, they would be happy to help you find a suitable solution. I ordered two posters, a 50×70cm and a 30×30cm one. I was a tad worried about the quality of the posters when ordering them but they turned out to be amazing.

Are you happy with your posterlounge product?

We are so pleased to hear that you are happy with your product. We would love to welcome you as a customer again soon. Your Posterlounge Team. Love my canvas prints. Brilliant quality and arrived spot on time.

Why choose posterlounge for your wall art?

Their artwork ranging from photography and painting to illustration caters to every customer’s individual taste. With more than 100,000 motifs, Posterlounge has a huge selection of wall pictures and art prints. The great variety of sizes and materials allows for you to decorate your walls with maximum flexibility.

How good are posterlounges downloads?

Your Posterlounge Team. The quality of the downloads that they are using is very much hit and miss. To make things worse they are very much aware of this issue. I received two prints with my first order. One was good, the other terrible which I returned. Ordering a different print hoping for a better result, turned out to be a mistake.

Who is posterlounge GmbH?

Starting life as a decorating company, POSTERLOUNGE GmbH was founded in 2003. Since then, the firm has been run by its three founders, Falk Teßmer, Florian Teßmer and Mandy Reinmuth as a family business.

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