What is matchbook and how does it work?

Matchbook is a peer-to-peer betting exchange designed for smart bettors who want more value. Offering deep liquidity and low commissions, Matchbook returns maximum value to bettors. On Matchbook, bettors find better odds, a clean and easy-to-use betting interface, and helpful customer support.

Is there still time to take advantage of matchbook on Amazon?

The good news is, theres still time to take advantage of Matchbook if you are buying print books on Amazon, you just need to select books that have the offer attached and to do so this month.

How do I get a matchbook 15 bonus?

Sign-up today with bonus code Matchbook15 and place a bet of £10 or more at odds of 1.8 or more as your first bet. When it settles, we will give you £10 in bonus funds to bet on another market.

What is a supersonic matchbook?

Supersonic Matchbook (1985-1986 given on Concorde) A matchbook is a small paperboard folder (matchcover) enclosing a quantity of matches and having a coarse striking surface on the exterior.

What is Matchbook betting?

- Matchbook Insights What is Matchbook? Betting on Matchbook offers you a new way to bet on sports and horse racing, with a number of benefits over a traditional bookmakers. The big difference is that on Matchbook you’re not betting against a bookie but with other people just like you.

What is a matchbook cover?

A matchcover, or matchbook cover, is a thin cardboard covering that folds over match sticks in a book or pack of matches. Covers have been used as a form of advertising since 1894, two years after they were patented, and since then, have attracted people who enjoy the hobby of collecting.

How does Kindle MatchBook work?

After using the Kindle Matchbook discount to also purchase the e-book version, the title will be tied to your Amazon account and accessible from any device you use read Kindle books. Kindle Matchbook is a nice way to get more value from your book purchases and modernize some of your old library.

What is it called when you collect matchbooks?

Collecting of matchboxes, matchbooks, match labels and other match-related items is called phillumeny . A matchcover, or matchbook cover, is a thin cardboard covering that folds over match sticks in a book or pack of matches.

How do I register for a matchbook bonus?

Follow these simple steps on registration: Click the “Reveal Code” button on this page to view the bonus code for Matchbook or have the bonus link activated in a new browser window. Register your Matchbook player account. Some bonuses require a deposit. Receive your bonus. Follow Matchbook bonus terms to start playing with the bonus.

What welcome offers does matchbook have for new customers?

Matchbook has great welcome offers periodically available for all new customers around sporting events in the UK. Sign-up on Matchbook and get up to 0% Commission on sports as part of the welcome offer. Use our exclusive Matchbook bonus code at the registration on and enjoy the current special offer Bet £10, Get £15 in Bonus Funds.

How much Commission does matchbook take from my winnings?

Matchbook takes a 1% commission fee for each bet you play which is taken off your winning amount or bets. If you lose bets a commission is placed on the lower stake or amount. Matchbook provides nicely arranged video slot games supplied by NetEnt software distributor.

What are the biggest jackpot pools on matchbook?

Matchbook struck a deal with Colossus Bets and the operator has been offering huge jackpot pools ever since. The biggest of them reaches £10,000,000 but there are many smaller ones as well. The higher the jackpot pool, the harder it is to win it.

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