Jean louis david colombo

jean louis david colombo

Who is Jeanjean-Luc Colombo?

Jean-Luc Colombo is a French wine producer and negociant in the Rhône Valley. While Colombo produces several Appellation dOrigine Contrôlée (AOC) wines in the Rhône, such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Hermitage, he is most noted for being a pioneer in the revitalization of the Cornas wine region.

Where does Jeanjean-Luc Colombo wine come from?

Jean-Luc Colombo produces a number of wines from AOC regions across the northern and southern Rhône including a Hermitage, Cornas, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Condrieu, Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Péray, Tavel and Côtes du Rhône.

Why choose Jean Louis David?

Our professionally trained hairdressers, with specific Jean Louis David training, offer customers modern, easy-to-maintain cuts and natural, customizable colors, always keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends. A warm welcome, personalization and close follow-up is what you can expect from your visit to Jean Louis David.

What makes Jeanjean-Luc Colombo’s wines special?

Jean-Luc Colombo’s wines express the typicity of their terroir with elegance and character, from the Côte Rôtie in the northern Rhône to his Provençal roses. The heart of his winery is based in Cornas, the smallest appellation in the Rhône Valley.

What happened to Jeanjean-Luc and Anne?

Jean-Luc, Anne and their daughter Laure, now head winemaker, continue to ensure the production of fine wines of typicity from major appellations of the Rhône Valley, as well as the Languedoc and Provence, while maintaining sustainable farming practices.

Who is Cornas Colombo?

Jean-Luc Colombo’s dream of becoming a winemaker and viticulturist came to fruition in the early 1980s with the acquisition of his first vineyard, a granite hillside planted with old Syrah vines overlooking the village of Cornas. From there was born the first vintage of Cornas “Les Ruchets” (in 1987), which became the flagship cuvée of the domain.

Why is Jacques-Louis David important to French history?

Following World War II, Jacques-Louis David was increasingly regarded as a symbol of French national pride and identity, as well as a vital force in the development of European and French art in the modern era. The birth of Romanticism is traditionally credited to the paintings of eighteenth-century French artists such as Jacques-Louis David.

What type of art did Jacques Louis David do?

Jacques-Louis David, (born Aug. 30, 1748, Paris, France—died Dec. 29, 1825, Brussels, Belg.), the most celebrated French artist of his day and a principal exponent of the late 18th-century Neoclassical reaction against the Rococo style. David won wide acclaim with his huge canvases on classical themes (e.g., Oath of the Horatii, 1784).

What did David David do in the French Revolution?

David later became an active supporter of the French Revolution and friend of Maximilien Robespierre (1758–1794), and was effectively a dictator of the arts under the French Republic. Imprisoned after Robespierres fall from power, he aligned himself with yet another political regime upon his release: that of Napoleon, the First Consul of France.

What is the message of Jacques Louis David?

Jacques-Louis David. As in the Oath of the Horatii, David represents the unity of men in the service of a patriotic ideal. The outstretched arms which are prominent in both works betray Davids deeply held belief that acts of republican virtue akin to those of the Romans were being played out in France.

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