Best restaurants in lisbon

best restaurants in lisbon

What are the best places to eat in Lisbon?

Now a major foodie destination, stalls around the hall under the splendid oriental dome allow the public to try dishes from many well known chefs, that otherwise might be out of budget. Confraria does Lisbon’s best sushi with a trademark fusion style that was honed at its restaurant in Cascais.

What is the food scene like in Lisbon?

T he Lisbon food scene has undergone an enormous change within the last few years and continues to boom, with restaurants launching fast and furious.

Is there a Russian gastronomy in Lisbon?

We must say this without fear of reprisals: the people of Lisbon did not welcome Russian gastronomy as much as other food in the world (hopefully Putin does not know how to read Portuguese). Proof of this is the lack of expression of such restaurants in Lisbon.

Why is Lisbon a great city for restaurants?

This is why we have no doubts when we say that the city of Lisbon lies in a strategic spot to combine delicious food, great weather and cool vibes. Let’s find out more about the best restaurants in Lisbon!

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