Is the DS 7 Crossback the next big thing for the brand?

The new DS 7 Crossback is the car – or, more specifically, the compact SUV – its French manufacturer hopes will elevate the brand to the next level. And although there have been a number of exclusively DS-badged vehicles available since its split from Citroën – think DS 3, DS 4 Crossback and DS 5 –...

Is the Citroen DS 7 the first ever DS car?

But up to now DS has been selling only facelifted versions of the cars that were born as Citroen DSs. The 7 is the first DS that was conceived from the word go to be a DS, meaning to be premium.

When did the DS5 SUV come out?

The SUV was officially unveiled to the press on 28 February 2017, before being shown to the public at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, and marketed in January 2018 for diesel versions. Since the DS 5 in 2011, DS Automobiles had no longer launched new models in Europe, and its sales declined.

Is the Lexus NX kookier than the DS7?

The DS 7s basic sheetmetal is very normal indeed. A Lexus NX is far kookier. Top Gear has spent hours arguing the toss with DS management about how this drearily conformist direction can possibly square with their claim to be revolutionary?

How does the DS 7 Crossback compare to other premium SUVs?

The compact premium SUV class is one of the most hotly contested in the car market. The DS 7 Crossback goes up against models including the Jaguar E-Pace, Volvo XC40, BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque.

Is there a good case for the DS3 crossback?

The DS 3 Crossback lacks any great rational case. But you can say that for any small crossover. At least this one it serves up an individual design and a sense of luxury. Whether thats to your taste is a different matter, but there is of course no accounting for it.

Is the DS 7 a good buy?

So the DS 7 is perfectly well-enough executed as a vehicle to barge its way into the mosh pit of rivals. Then its its striking, plush cabin and relaxed nature are a relatively distinctive proposition. The issue is, will people feel its a safe home for their cash?

How many cars does the DS range have now?

They havent made it easy for themselves. Theyve cut the range down to three cars at the moment – the DS 7 Crossback, launched last year, the DS 3 Crossback, which joined it this year, and the departing DS 3.

When did the Citroën DS5 come out?

Released as the Citroën DS5, the car was relaunched as the DS 5 in 2015, following Citroëns decision to rebadge its DS models and market them under the brand DS . The DS5 was revealed at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show in April 2011.

What is the DS 5?

What Car? says... The DS 5 is the premium French brand’s flagship model and an executive rival to the likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. It’s actually a facelift of the Citroën DS5 – which was launched when the two brands worked as one – but DS is now a standalone brand, pitching itself into the premium market.

How many DS5 were made in 2011?

The DS5 Hybrid4 won Best Eco Car, from the Scottish Car of the Year 2012, held at Glasgow on 14 October 2012. The DS5 won Top Gear Family Car of the Year 2011. Total DS5 production reaches 4,773 units. Total DS5 production reaches 34,500 units.

Is the DS 5 a sports estate or hatchback?

The dramatically styled DS 5 is an intriguing mix of high-roofed hatchback, coupé and sports estate, the result of the mounting pressure on the traditional D-segment family saloon in Europe.

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