Mares lagos

mares lagos

Why stay at Lagos Mare?

Elegant, outgoing and serene, the Lagos Mare experience is a perfect recipe of connecting with the breathtaking nature and rich culture of the Cyclades, along with a graceful stay that embodies the warmth of a loving home.

Where are the nearest tide stations to Lagos Portugal?

These are the tide predictions from the nearest tide station in Lagos, Portugal, 0.56km S of Meia Praia/Lagos. The tide conditions at Lagos, Portugal can diverge from the tide conditions at Meia Praia/Lagos. The tide calendar is available worldwide.

Where to eat fish in Lagos?

Located at the top floor of the old fish market in the centre of Lagos, Mare is a place to go to. Excellent service is the best description of our visit. Besides that, we had very, very good dishes.

What are the best things to do in Lagos?

If you are in Lagos, a trip to Mar and a jug of rose sangria (the best in the world) has to be number 1 on your holiday plans. Helpful? Bad service and expensive drinks and meals. Nearly all good tables were reserved all the time and only some portuguis and wealthy people were allowed to sit down on these tables.

Why choose the Lagos Mare Naxos hotel?

The Lagos Mare Naxos Hotel luxury rooms and suites only succeed in providing you with upscale Naxos accommodation and an unsurpassed level of comfort in their delightful spaces decorated with fine furnishings making it one of the finest Naxos hotels.

What is it like to visit Lagos?

Lagos is one of the most visited parts of Portugal, and for good reason. Known for its beautiful beaches, nature, and nightlife, Lagos has something for every vacationer. Located in the Algarve region, you will experience a part of Portugal you can’t get in Lisbon or up North.

Where to stay in Lagos?

If you want to spend some time near to the centre of Lagos, but not amongst the hustle and bustle, then stay at Marina S Roque. The family-friendly beach is walking distance, and you can walk across the pedestrian bridge that crosses the marina for dinner at one of many nearby restaurants.

What are the best beaches in Lagos?

This is the largest beach in the Lagos region. Rather than being set in front of the town itself, Meia Praia is lined by grassy sand dunes and quiet roads, meaning there’s a pleasantly tranquil feel to it.

1. Ponta da Piedade 2. Praia Dona Ana 3. Praia do Camilo 4. Meia Praia 5. Praia do Porto de Mos 6. Parque Zoologico de Lagos 7. Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse 8. Marina de Lagos 9. Centro Cultural de Lagos 10. Barragem da Bravura Popular: Booked by 109 travelers! Popular: Booked by 361 travelers! What are the top attractions to visit in Lagos?

Where to go kayaking in Lagos?

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