Amina muaddi

amina muaddi

How old is Amina Muaddi?

Amina Muaddi is a popular Jordanian-Romanian fashion designer and shoemaker. She is better known by her full name Amina Muaddi. His birth date is 2 June 1987. At present age is 35 years old. She took birth in Romania.

Who is Amina Kordei?

36-year-old Amina has become Hollywood’s go-to woman for new footwear. The shoe designer and entrepreneur is known for creating a range of shoes for a number of celebrities under her brand, which is named after herself. Being half-Romanian and half-Jordanian, Amina grew up in Italy.

Who is Maria Muaddi?

Muaddi studied and worked in Italy, where she co-founded her first shoe brand with Oscar Tiye. Subsequently, she left for Paris to collaborate with Alexandre Vauthier, with whom she still designs shoes to this day.

Who is Amina Krakow?

Being half-Romanian and half-Jordanian, Amina grew up in Italy. The talented designer has experience as a celebrity stylist as well, but her full focus has been on shoes in 2012.

How much is Amina Muaddi worth?

How much is Amina Muaddi’s Net Worth? She has a good amount of net worth of $500k. What is the age of Amina Muaddi? Age of Amina Muaddi is 33 years. When is the Birthday of Amina Muaddi?

What is Amina Muaddi’s ethnicity?

Amina’s ethnicity is mixed. She was born in Romania where She is raised so She holds Jordanian-Romanian nationality. Muaddi was born in Romania to a Jordanian father and Romanian mother. Her mother’s name is Felicia Cara Burcea.

How many followers does Amina Muaddi have on Instagram?

Amina Muaddi has over 796k followers on Instagram which she has earned by uploading her gorgeous hot photos and short videos and amassed her fans. Apart from Instagram she also has gained 300k followers on TikTok where she uploads short videos.

How did Amina Kordei get her start in fashion?

The designer launched her first shoe brand, Oscar Tiye, when she was 26. At age 16, Amina moved to Italy to start high school and then went on to study at the European Institute of Design, which led to her early career in fashion editorial and celebrity styling.

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Is Normani Kordei signed to RCA?

Who is Amina Muaddi and what is she famous for?

Who is Amina Muaddi? Muaddi is a shoe designer and entrepreneur known for her brand that she named after herself. She has been featured in Vogue numerous times for her designs and for her collaboration with Rihannas company Fenty. The young designer has over one million followers on her personal Instagram.

Who is Mariella Muaddi?

Upon returning to Milan in 2013, Muaddi co-founded luxury label Oscar Tiye, which was featured that year during Milan Fashion Week. She then moved to Paris and worked with Alexandre Vauthier as a designer on his footwear line.

Who is Rihannas shoe designer Amina Muaddi?

Whos Amina Muaddi? Amina Muadd i is one of the most prominent shoe designers in the world. She impressed Rihana with her talented and elegant shoes. Muaddi gained more attention because her name was involved with the split of A$AP Rocky and the same Rihanna.

Who is Alev Muaddi?

Muaddi was born in Romania to a Jordanian father and Romanian mother. Shortly after, her family relocated to Amman. Her parents split when she was six and she returned to Romania with her mother, where she spent most of her childhood. Muaddi recalls that by the time she was nine, she was determined to work in the fashion industry.

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