Obidos portugal

obidos portugal

What is the Castelo de Óbidos?

The Castelo de Óbidos is a delightful medieval castle that perches upon a rocky outcrop at the highest point of Obidos. The castle has always had a close connection to the Queen of Portugal, and was traditionally the dowry gift to the Queen, a tradition that began with Queen Santa Isabel 1282.

Where is Óbidos located?

Located on the western central coast of Portugal, Óbidos is an ancient fortified city that remains a well-preserved example of medieval architecture. In recent years, Óbidos has distinguished itself through a wise combination of heritage preservation and creative innovation.

How to get to Obidos from Lisbon?

The best method to travel to Obidos from Lisbon is by the express bus. The bus service departs from Campo Grande bus station in Lisbon, which is located on the green and yellow metro line. The journey takes 1 hour and a single ticket costs €8.00 (there are no return tickets so two single tickets must be purchased).

What to do in Óbidos?

It hosts popular festivals throughout the year - Óbidos is the stage of some of Portugal’s most popular festivals, attracting thousands of visitors throughout the year. Those include the Chocolate Festival in the spring, the Medieval Fair in the summer, the Literary Festival in autumn, and the Christmas Village in December.

Why is Castelo de Óbidos so famous?

One of such structures is Castelo de Óbidos – a castle with roots deep in antiquity. The castle is one of the official wonders of Portugal, and it’s a source of national pride. The rich story of the area of the settlement sounds like a movie scenario.

What are the coordinates of the castle of Óbidos?

/  39.36333°N 9.15694°W  / 39.36333; -9.15694 The Castle of Óbidos ( Portuguese: Castelo de Óbidos) is a well-preserved medieval castle located in the civil parish of Santa Maria, São Pedro e Sobral da Lagoa, in the municipality of Óbidos, Portuguese District of Leiria .

What to see in Óbidos in Portugal?

Óbidos Castle in Óbidos is one of Portugals most stunning castles with high walls and turrets with its keep now a luxury pousada Óbidos Castle | Portugal Visitor - Travel Guide To Portugal Skip to main content Navigation Home City Guides Algarve Museums

What is the Pousada Castel de Óbidos?

The Paço dos Alcaides (Palace of the Alcaldes) within the castle is now a luxury, 4 star pousada, the Pousada Castel de Óbidos. The palace has some lovely architectural flourishes such as its Manuelinewindows and arches. A passageway connects the palace and the Church of Santiago. The walls of the castle in Óbidos Architectural Features

Where is Óbidos exactly? Óbidos is situated in the Central region of Portugal and is only 80km (50 miles) from Lisbon. The trip from Lisbon to Óbidos takes one hour and a one-way ticket costs €7.95 which is purchased on board.

What is Obidos known for?

If you have a car, take the opportunity to visit other major attractions nearby, such as the Buddha Eden Garden, the dinosaur park in Lourinhã, or the beach of the Obidos lagoon. Where to Go After Óbidos? If you have a car, consider a stop at the Buddha Eden Garden, which is just 15 minutes away.

Why is Óbidos so popular?

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