Samsung a53

samsung a53

Whats the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A53 and iPhone SE?

Appearance is perhaps the biggest difference between the Galaxy A53 and the iPhone SE. The Galaxy A53 could easily be mistaken for other Samsung devices such as last years Galaxy A52 5G and the Galaxy S21 FE. Like those phones, the A53 has a nearly borderless screen with a hole punch-shaped cutout for the front camera.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy A53 cost?

This cheaper, more mid-range type of handset is a big seller, and will present a more varied Samsung portfolio to those who aren’t interested in phones that cost more than £700. The Galaxy A53 5G will sell for £399, making it cheaper than the recently upgraded iPhone SE.

What is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G chipset?

At the heart of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G sits an Exynos 1280 chipset, built on the very efficient 5nm architecture. This is a brand-new chip launching with these phones, so I’m a little unsure yet about how it will perform compared to the mid-range chips offered by Samsung and MediaTek.

Is the Galaxy A53 better than the pixel 5A?

With the 25W charger (not included), the Galaxy A53 barely beats the Pixel 5a for our battery recharge test, even though the budget Pixel charges at a slower 18W. There is no wireless charging on the A53, however, unlike the iPhone SE. Samsung did a great job with the Galaxy A53’s software.

What do the Galaxy A53 5G and iPhone SE have in common?

Apples $429 iPhone SE and Samsungs $450 Galaxy A53 5G both launched last month as more affordable alternatives to the Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13. Although both feature 5G connectivity and a similar price, they have little else in common, as the companies take opposite paths to cheaper phones.

Does the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G have Touch ID?

Touch ID is being phased out from the iPhone, but its still quick, responsive, and simple to use. The Galaxy A53 5G is made from plastic, and it just feels cheaper than the iPhone SE, which is fully glass with aluminum siding.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A53 worth buying in 2022?

New for 2022, the Galaxy A53 gets you a plethora of Samsung features and power at a fraction of the S-series price. It boasts a far larger screen and more versatile camera cluster than the iPhone SE, though Apples budget model delivers snappier performance.

What is the difference between the iPhone SE and iPhone 13?

The iPhone SE has a retro look thats distinctly different from the iPhone 13 and Apples other recent phones. It essentially has the body of an iPhone 8 packed with the guts of an iPhone 13. That means it has the same thick bezels above and below the display as Apples older iPhones, along with its Touch ID home button.

What operating system does the Galaxy A53 5G run on?

The Galaxy A53 5G runs on Android 12 and One UI 4.1, the newest software from Google and Samsung, which ships with the Galaxy S22. This includes Samsungs system-wide refinements like more polished widgets, additional customization options for themes and color palettes, a more intuitive camera interface and more privacy features.

Is Exynos 1280 chipset inside Samsung Galaxy A53 5G?

According to the teardown video posted by “The Inside Man” on the Tech Rann YouTube channel, the chipset inside the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G comes with the model number “Samsung 8825”. Going through the list of Samsung chipsets, we found that the Exynos 1280 has this exact same model number.

Whats the difference between the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy S22?

Since the Galaxy A53 5G is a less expensive phone, it also runs on a less powerful processor. The Galaxy A53 relies on Samsungs midrange Exynos 1280 chip, while the pricier Galaxy S22 lineup is powered by either Qualcomms Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Samsungs Exynos 2200.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G worth the price?

That said, the Galaxy A53 5G delivers more than enough for the price -- especially considering the similarly priced iPhone SE has a significantly smaller screen and just one rear camera. If youre looking for a solid Android phone that costs less than $500, you wont be disappointed with the Galaxy A53 5G.

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