What is Bedsonline?

Bedsonline is the leading booking engine for travel agents. With over 40 years of experience in the travel trade, we are your 360º travel partner, providing you with a huge range of travel products to cover all your customers needs. Bedsonline is part of HOTELBEDS.

Can you buy a bed online?

You can consider buying a bed online, thanks to the different types of beds available easily. With so many bed designs available online, you might be confused about which bed to buy. Dont just fall for a beds look, but also consider its functionality and its usage. It is essential to know what your requirements are.

Why choose a Bedsonline hotel?

Choose a destination to get a selection of top hotels with great conditions. Select hotels to quickly and easilt create personalised marketing materials. At Bedsonline, as the demand for travel returns, we want to support your business stay on top of the trends as corridors begin to open up again.

To address these concerns, most online mattress companies offer trial periods of 100 days or more where you can test out the mattress in your home and return it risk-free. Some mattress companies also have showrooms where you can lie on the mattress in person prior to buying. What else should I keep in mind when buying a bed online?

How to buy a bed?

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