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petro colombia

Who is Colombias new president Gustavo Petro?

BOGOTA, May 30 (Reuters) - Gustavo Petro, who topped voting tallies with 40.8% in Colombias first round of presidential elections on Sunday, has said his political awakening came when he watched his father weep over the death of Argentinian revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara.

Why are Colombians worried about Pedro Petro?

In historically conservative Colombia, many are concerned about a potential victory by Petro, who first gained national recognition with impassioned congressional speeches about corruption and violence committed by right-wing paramilitary groups and their political allies.

Who is Pedro Petro?

In 2002, Petro was elected to the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia representing Bogotá, this time as a member of the Vía Alterna political movement he founded with former guerrilla colleague Antonio Navarro Wolff and other former M-19 guerrilla members.

Is Colombia’s partnership with Petro in jeopardy?

All this vital collaboration is now in jeopardy. For starters, Petro has vowed to drastically curtail Colombia’s thriving fossil-fuels sector (oil, natural gas and coal account for some 80% of its exports) and force a transition to wind and hydro power.

Is Colombia’s new president Gustavo Petro a radical socialist?

Traditionally conservative Colombia took a sharp leftward lurch last month with the election of Gustavo Petro, a former guerrilla with the M-19 terrorist group. Petro’s radical socialist plans for Colombia have, predictably, won him warm congratulatory phone calls from Caracas, Havana and Moscow.

Who is Venezuela’s new president Gustavo Petro?

Leftist Gustavo Petro was voted in Sunday night alongside Goldman prize-winning environmental campaigner Francia Marquez, the nation’s first black and second female vice-president. In his manifesto, Petro committed to “undertake a gradual de-escalation of economic dependence on oil and coal”.

Will Colombia’s Pedro Petro deliver on his election manifesto?

But, Ramirez said, Petro will face challenges ensuring his manifesto is not just “a letter for Santa Claus” and is actually delivered. Colombia’s constitution means no president can stand for a second term so Petro only has four years to deliver. A majority of lawmakers in parliament opposes him and the Supreme Court can challenge his reforms.

Will Petro’s victory mean a new story for Colombia?

“This story that we write today is a new story for Colombia, for Latin America, for the world,” Petro said at his victory rally. “We are not going to fail this electorate.”

What did Pedro Petro expose?

In 2006, Petro was reelected Senator of Colombia, mobilizing the second highest voter turnout in the country. During this year he also exposed the Parapolitics scandal, accusing members and followers of the government of mingling with paramilitary groups in order to reclaim Colombia.

Who is Pablo Petro Urrego?

Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego ( Spanish pronunciation: [ɡusˈtaβo fɾanˈsisko ˈpetɾo uˈreɣo]; born April 19, 1960) is a Colombian politician, ex guerrilla member and a presidential candidate who previously served as mayor of Bogotá. A left-wing politician, Petro was a member of the revolutionary guerrilla group M-19 in the 1980s.

Who is Pedro Paterno and what did he do?

Pedro Alejandro Paterno y de Vera Ignacio (February 27, 1857 – April 26, 1911) was a Philippine politician infamous for being a turncoat. He was also a poet and a novelist. His intervention on behalf of the Spanish led to the signing of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato on December 14, 1897, an account of which he published in 1910.

Was Gustavo Petro a guerrilla leader?

The left-wing leader and presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, who has held public office since he was very young, carries with him a history that for many is a stigma and his detractors do not forgive him: having been a guerrilla member of the M-19. This is the story of his time in the urban guerrilla.

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