Serra da estrela natural park

serra da estrela natural park

What is Serra da Estrela Natural Park?

Serra da Estrela Natural Park is an exceptional place. It expands over 101 thousand hectares distributed across six municipalities and it was the first natural park to be created in Portugal, also holding the record for the largest protected area in the country.

When is the best time to visit Serra da Estrela?

Fevereiro é o mês em que a Serra da Estrela se cobre de neve. Entre o final de janeiro e a primeira quinzena do mes de fevereiro ,talvez seja a melhor época ., mas é bom consultar o periodo antes de ir.

Is it better to get accomondation at mandegas or Serra da Estrela?

If you plan to hike at Serra da Estrela it is better to get accomondation at Mandegas. All marked paths are around Mandegas or they start from there.

Where is Serra da Estrela located?

Serra da Estrela. It includes mainland Portugal s highest point at 1,993 metres (6,539 feet) above mean sea level (although the summit of Mount Pico in the Portuguese Azores islands is higher). This point is not a distinctive mountain summit, but rather the highest point in a plateau, being known as Torre (Tower in English).

What is the significance of Serra da Estrela in Neolithic culture?

The significance of the Serra da Estrela in Neolithic culture can be seen in the discovery that megaliths in the Mondego River basin were predominantly built with an alignment that allowed the mountain range to be seen from within the inner chamber.

What are the headwaters of the Estrela River?

Image of Our Lady of the Good Star. There are three rivers that have their headwaters in the Serra da Estrela: the Mondego, which is the longest river entirely within Portuguese territory; and the Zêzere, which is a tributary of the Tagus; a tributary of the Mondego, the Alva also has its headwaters in the range. It is 1,691 m (5,548 ft) high.

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