Nova school of law

nova school of law

Why study law at Nova School of Law?

FOR CHANGE Law with NOVA School of Law is more than a Bachelor’s Degree, it´s learning how to shape the world. Master’s Degrees FDUNL_NOVA_Mest-DirSeguranca_Symbol_Pant

Does Novus offer online law degrees through distance education?

As we have for almost 20 years, Novus continues to offer online law degrees through Distance Education. Novus has an innovative learning environment to meet today’s students’ educational needs.

How many students are enrolled in law school at NSU Law?

The full-time program at NSU Law enrolls approximately 200 first-year students each year. Classes are held Monday through Friday. If you are not employed or working only part-time, this is likely the best option for you.

What are some of the best law research projects in Portugal?

NOVA OCEAN NOVA Refugee Clinic NOVA Data-Driven Law Observatory for the Protection of Personal Data Observatory of Portuguese Legislation SPARC WhatNext.Law Research Projects Digital Archive António Manuel Hespanha SPEED THEMIS Magazine Programas de Mobilidade Erasmus + Padre António Vieira Rede THEMIS Universidade de Macau E.MA Almeida Garrett

Why choose Nova Southeastern University’s law program?

Legal skills training from Nova Southeastern University’s B.S. in Law program gives you the competitive edge to pursue your passion and start your career in law and law related fields.

Why study law at NSU Law?

The College of Law offers a rigorous traditional academic program in three-year day and four-year evening versions. NSU Law prides itself on preparing graduates to make a smooth transition from the classroom to the courtroom or boardroom.

Does NSU Law have a paralegal studies program?

While the Bachelors in Law major is new, NSU Law has had a Paralegal Studies program for many years. Youll find NSU Paralegal Studies alumni serving as paralegals, law clerks, and legal assistants all over the country.

Why study law?

My second answer to the question ‘why study Law’ is that knowledge of the law is valuable. While you might not want to study it just for the sake of money, it definitely helps to know that people are willing to pay a lot for the skills you’ve worked so hard for.

Why NSU Law?

NSU Law combines a traditional curriculum with a guaranteed live-client experience and a simulation program that is among the most comprehensive in the country. Students move from classroom to simulation and from there to courtrooms and boardrooms, enabling them to immerse themselves in the practice of law while still in law school.

What is NSU Law Honors Program?

The NSU Law Honors Program provides exclusive recognition of and professional experiences to select entering students and those who have performed near the top of their first-year law school class. NSU Law’s in-house clinics and field placement opportunities bring the study of law to life.

What is NSU Shepard Broad College of law?

Established in 1974, NSU Shepard Broad College of Law is one of 18 colleges of Nova Southeastern University, the largest private, independent, not-for-profit university in Florida, and the tenth largest in the United States.

Where is the law school located at NSU?

The law school is in the heart of NSU’s main campus overlooking a lush, green landscape. The Panza Maurer Law Library’s collection is housed on three floors in a 43,000-square-foot facility. The library also houses three student-edited journals.

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