Lisbon to porto

lisbon to porto

How to get from Porto to Lisbon?

The flight between Porto and Lisbon only takes about an hour and thanks to TAP Air Portugal, Portugals budget airline, flights between the two cities can easily be found for as low as $45. As long as you are traveling from city to city and dont need to transfer elsewhere, flying is the fastest way to get to Porto from Lisbon.

Where is Porto located in Portugal?

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal, situated to the northwest of Lisbon. It’s a popular travel destination and most tourists choose to combine their visits to both Lisbon and Porto into a single trip to Portugal. You can travel relatively easily from Lisbon to Porto by bus, train, or plane.

How many nights in Lisbon and Porto?

Ideally, Id recommend three or four nights in Lisbon (in order to do a day trip to Sintra) and two nights in Porto. On the shortest itinerary I would plan on two nights in each city. Fly into one city and out of the other. It takes three hours to travel between Lisbon and Porto via car or train.

What makes Porto different from Lisbon?

Tripeiros will say that the food habits reflect the cities contrasting styles: Porto is solid, no-nonsense, hardworking; Lisbon, laid-back, decadent and vain. Its the people that makes Porto special, says Sara Figueiredo, selling designer jewelry and locally crafted soaps in the gift shop of Portos uber-trendy Serralves arts center.

How many days in Lisbon and Porto?

That would give you three full days for Lisbon (and Sintra) and two full days for Porto. And some bits of days here and there. I love both cities and both offer a lot to see, Lisbon a bit more I guess.

How many nights in Lisbon?

Re: how many night for lisbon One day in Belem, another Baixa/Expo, one day for Sintra and Estoril. At least two nigths, if you want see more things one nigth more.

How do I get from Lisbon to Porto?

Fly into one city and out of the other. It takes three hours to travel between Lisbon and Porto via car or train. You could technically do Porto as a day trip from Lisbon. This is what Jake and I did our first trip to Portugal. Since we had heard very little about Porto, we hadnt included it on our original itinerary.

What are the best day trips from Lisbon?

Cascais is great day trip from Lisbon when the weather is nice. This resort town boasts beautiful ocean views and sandy beaches. Its a popular vacation for Lisbon residents during the summer months. Cascais is a quick 30 minute train from the Cais do Sodre station in Lisbon. Those looking to escape the crowds will enjoy a day trip to Evora.

However, Lisbon is a larger city and has more options. So, if I had to pick a winner in the hotels category, I’d say it’s Lisbon. Lisbon vs Porto: Best city?

Whats the difference between Porto and Lisbons Old Quarter areas?

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