Hm iris apfel

hm iris apfel

What is the Iris Apfel X H&M collection?

The Iris Apfel x H&M collection will include an assortment of clothing and accessories created with Iris bold sense of style, designed for all ages and sizes. The collection is playful, opulent and rich with vibrant colours, vivid prints and opulent fabric choices.

How did Iris Apfel become so famous?

If there’s anybody in the world that proves style is possible at any age, it’s Iris Apfel. The interior designer and businesswoman — who just celebrated her 100th birthday — has become one of the most iconic style icons of the past century and has over two million Instagram followers.

Is Iris Pritchard collaborating with H&M on a 100th Anniversary Collection?

But as if turning 100 wasnt enough, Iris has today been revealed to be collaborating with the high street stalwart on a collection. Said to pay homage to the icons unique and instantly-recognisable style, the collection is set to launch in selected H&M stores and online in early 2022.

What to expect at Iris Apfel’s Fashion Week?

Also worth noting is the accessories, which are the star of the show. Jewellery unsurprisingly takes centre stage here, with Iris well known for her penchant for layering up bold pieces and taking a ‘more is more’ approach. There will be chunky necklaces, earrings, and a charm bracelet on offer, apparently.

What is Iris Apfel X H&M?

The Iris Apfel x H&M collection is a portal to a truer you, a gateway to creativity, a path to personal style. Let the wonderfully wild creations of original fashion icon Iris Apfel inspire you to dress for joy. Read on to reveal your inner Iris.

How many pieces are in Iris Apfels H&M collection?

The 38-piece collaboration boasts statement-making jacquard jackets, jewelry, slippers and other bold pieces inspired by the iconic centenarian. Iris Apfel celebrates her H&M collection at a private luncheon in Miami on April 11, 2022. Courtesy of H&M

When is Iris Apfel’s H&M collaboration with the Queen coming out?

Waiting for Iris Apfel to log on to Zoom to discuss her collaboration with H&M, which hits US stores on April 14, is a little like waiting for the Queen to pop up online.

When does the Apfel X H&M collection release?

After patiently waiting, the moment is shortly upon us: The collection hits select stores and the web on April 14. The time in between then and now has given us plenty of opportunity to sit with and savor the concoctions that merge the dream-world quality of Apfels wardrobe and the budget-friendly attitude H&M is known for.

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