Af bragança

af bragança

What does AF Bragança stand for?

Associação de Futebol de Bragança, commonly referred to as AF Bragança, is the governing body for football in the district of Bragança. The Football Association is based in Bragança. The Associations President is Eduardo Humberto Pires Ane.

What is Bragança known for?

Bragança is a city of services with a dependence on state-run institutions like the Polytechnical Institute of Bragança and the regional hospital for jobs. In the turn of the 21st century, its countryside suffered a population decline with the abandonment of the villages and the aging of the rural population.

Who is the president of the community of Bragança?

O Presidente da Comunidade, o Sr. José Furtado Montanha acendeu a luz perene da Ner Tamid, depois de ter proferido em língua hebraica a bênção.. [INAUGURATION OF THE SYNAGOGUE In the modest headquarters of the Community of Bragança, at Rua da Estacada, at 9 pm (summer time) it was inaugurated on the 22nd of June.

What does Braganza stand for?

Bragança (Portuguese pronunciation: [bɾɐˈɣɐ̃sɐ], Mirandese: Bergáncia; Proto-Celtic: *Brigantia, English: Braganza) is a city and municipality in north-eastern Portugal, capital of the district of Bragança, in the Terras de Trás-os-Montes subregion of Portugal.

What does the AF Bragança do?

In more general terms the AF Bragança currently organises District Championships for football and Futsal for men and women for all age groups including Senior, Junior, Youth, Beginners, Infants and Schools.

What does Afaf stand for?

AF. Afghani (currency of Afghanistan) AF. Atrial Fibrillation (also seen as Afebrile) AF. Arcade Fire (band) AF. Athletes Foot. AF.

What does GD Bragança stand for?

Grupo Desportivo de Bragança (abbreviated as GD Bragança) is a Portuguese football club based in Bragança in the district of Bragança.

How many Bragança Football Clubs are there in Portugal?

In 2013-14 3 Bragança clubs compete in the national levels of the Portuguese football league system in Campeonato Nacional de Seniores (the third level of the Portuguese football league system), a competition run by the Portuguese Football Federation.

What is the population of Bragança?

The seat of the municipality is the city of Bragança, which consists of the parish Sé, Santa Maria e Meixedo, and had a population of 20,309 in 2001. In the hierarchy of Portuguese urban communities, Bragança is only second to Chaves in the sub-region of the Alto Trás-os-Montes. Historically, the municipality has seen a demographic evolution.

Why is Bragança important to Portugal?

Historically, the city is important as the seat of the house of Bragança, which provided the kings of Portugal from 1640 to 1910 and the emperors of Brazil from 1822 to 1889; their feudal castle (built 1187) still remains. Catherine of Bragança became the queen consort (1662) of Charles II of England.

When did the House of Braganza come to power in Portugal?

It was on 1 December 1640 that João II, Duke of Braganza, an ancestor of Duarte Pio, deposed the Portuguese House of Habsburg, installed the House of Braganza as the reigning house of Portugal, and restored sovereign rule to the Portugal.

What was the House of Braganza responsible for?

From 1640 to 1910 the House of Braganza was responsible for providing Portugal its kings and the two emperors of Brazil. The latter ruled from 1822 to 1889. The feudal castle of the dukes (built 1187) still remains.

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