Stop war

stop war

What can we do to stop war?

Rise up as a people and demand that one’s government follow its Constitution, cut off funding for war and find a way to peace. US citizens must demand that Congress not give away or allow the president to usurp its sole authority under the Constitution to make the decision to go to war.

Is it time to change the rules of war?

It’s time to change the rules so that those who wage war, particularly illegal war, will have appropriate consequences. It’s time to end the double standards, and to replace might makes right with the rule of law. It’s time to demand that our leaders find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts.

Is War too easy?

The way things stand war is too easy. It is too easy to send someone else’s children to fight and die. It is too easy to dehumanize the enemy, making people believe, for example, that all children of Iraq wear the face of Saddam Hussein.

What can citizens do to prevent war?

Citizens should also demand that Congress exercise its power of the purse to prevent war, including not giving financial support to a president attempting to bribe other countries to participate in an illegal war. *David Krieger is the president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

How can I write a petition to stop the war?

Create a petition. Open a word document, and make a page with the headline STOP WAR and include some explanations as to what you believe in. Then insert numbers with lines long enough for names. Print out a lot of lines because many people will need to sign it.

How can we decrease the mentality of war?

Having a more global world view would certainly help with decreasing this mentality. Changing the people will be by far the hardest part because we have to change a general and very ancient mentality. How can countries prevent war and have peace? First and foremost, government positions must be held by nonnarcissistic and egotistical people. Why?

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