Maine coon

maine coon

What is a Maine Coon cat?

The Maine Coon is a heavily boned, muscular cat. Originally she was an outdoor cat, and later became a working breed who kept barns and homes clear of rodents. The head is large with tall ears.

When did the Maine Coon go extinct?

The last recorded win by a Maine Coon in a national cat show for over 40 years was in 1911 at a show in Portland, Oregon. The breed was rarely seen after that. The decline was so severe that the breed was declared extinct in the 1950s, although this declaration was considered to be exaggerated and reported prematurely at the time.

How can you tell if a Maine Coon is real?

To clearly identify a solid red Maine Coon, look at the lining of the ears. They should be red, not white. Additionally solid red Maine Coons do not have the white muzzle.

How much should a full grown Maine Coon weigh?

A fully grown Maine Coon cat might weigh between 9-20 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 10-16 inches tall. How long do Maine Coon cats live?

Is a Maine Coon cat as big as a dog?

Maine Coons are much bigger than varieties of small or toy dogs – Corgis, Terriers, Dachschund, Papillions, you get the idea. Funny story about the two Chihuahuas… that breed of dog is known for being full of attitude and spunk.

Are Maine Coon cats the smartest cat?

No, Maine Coons are not the smartest cat breed, though they are quite clever cats. Maine Coons are known for their dog-like behavior and innate ability to learn a wide variety of tricks and commands. So while Maine Coons aren’t at the top of the cat intelligence list, they are still smart.

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