The north face

the north face

What is the north face?

The North Face är ett premiummärke med fokus på outdoor-mode. De har friluftskläder för vandring, skidåkning och allt annat du kan tänkas ägna dig åt i vildmarken, men många av deras plagg fungerar lika bra inne i storstaden när du vill hålla dig varm och torr. Den tidlösa designen och höga kvaliteten gör att du kan använda deras plagg i många år.

What is the north face vectiv technology?

The North Face | Travis Weller VECTIV ™ technology to propel you forward. Designed by artist and ultra runner Travis Weller. Inspired by the Western States Trail.

How much does the north face cost in Sweden?

The North Face NIMBLE VEST - Väst - black 899,00 kr dorabarker 4 artiklar heart_outlined The North Face ANORAK - Vindjacka - black 929,00 kr heart_outlined The North Face LOGO BOX CUFFED BEANIE UNISEX - Mössa - vintage white 279,00 kr truck-premium Snabbare leverans heart_outlined The North Face LOGO BOX CUFFED BEANIE UNISEX - Mössa - black

How much does a North Face T-shirt cost?

The North Face SEASONAL MOUNTAIN - Regnjacka - black 979,00 kr heart_outlined The North Face SIMPLE DOME TEE - T-shirt med print - goblin blue 279,00 kr truck-premium Snabbare leverans heart_outlined The North Face

Why buy from the north face®?

The North Face® is committed to bringing you premier, technical, authentic, innovative products that enable and inspire exploration. By shopping from us directly, you receive the best customer experience, expansive product knowledge, and the largest selection of The North Face® products in one place.

Where can I use a north face gift card/eGift Card?

Available from $10-1,000, Gift Cards and eGift Cards are redeemable at, The North Face® Retail Stores, and The North Face® Outlets. How can I use a Gift Card/eGift Card? These can be used in combination with a credit card, and multiple Gift Cards/eGift Cards can be used at once.

What payment methods do you accept at the north face?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo, PayPal, and The North Face® Gift Cards. Can I use a debit card? Yes, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo are accepted. Do you accept PayPal? Yes! To use PayPal, select the logo at checkout and follow the instructions to login via PayPal.

Can I pick up my order at the north face retail store?

To be eligible, choose the In-store pick-up option at checkout, select the nearest The North Face® Retail Store, complete your order and wait to receive an email notification from us letting you know your item is available at the selected store.

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