What does Eindhoven mean?

Eindhoven (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɛintɦoːvə(n)] ( listen)) is a city in the south of the Netherlands, originally at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender.

What is the largest district in Eindhoven?

Woensel-Noord is the largest, having been the citys main area of expansion for several decades. Population figures for all districts, as of 1 January 2008, ranked by size: Eindhoven is located in the southeast of the province of North Brabant.

What is it like to live in Eindhoven?

Being a university city, Eindhoven has a large student population. The students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and a number of undergraduate schools give Eindhoven a young population, whose recreational needs are catered to by several different festivals, clubs and such. For a long time Eindhoven was the main location of Philips.

Whats new in Eindhoven?

The former district court house now houses the Designhuis, a public podium and interaction area for modern design and innovation. The Eindhoven Museum is an archaeological open-air museum which focuses on the regions Iron Age and Middle Ages.

What is the population of Eindhoven?

It had a population of 231.469 in 2019, making it the largest city in the province of North Brabant, although s-Hertogenbosch is its capital. Eindhoven was originally located at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender.

Why is Eindhoven called the city of light?

Eindhoven is also known as the City of Light, due to Philips originating from there and because of several projects involving lighting up buildings of the city.

What is the closest city to Eindhoven to Brabant?

The closest city to Eindhoven in which Brabantian is spoken is Helmond. Eindhoven has grown from a little town in 1232 to one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands with around 230,000 inhabitants in 2020. Much of its growth is due to Philips, DAF Trucks and Brabantia .

Why did Eindhoven change its city administration?

The explosive growth of industry in the region and the subsequent housing needs of workers called for radical changes in administration, as the City of Eindhoven was still confined to its medieval moat city limits.

What makes Eindhoven a great city for expats?

Well connected and close to many high-tech multinationals, Eindhoven has a selective business and design expat community, explains housing specialist Stoit Group. Philips and Eindhoven go hand-in-hand but the city and surrounds have a lot more to offer, as many expats have already discovered.

What to do in Eindhoven in November?

Also, Eindhoven loves a good festival as well as its sports and marks the calendar year throughout by hosting some games of the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League in the 35000+ seat Philips Stadium, and also Dutch Design Week in October, GLOW and STRP Festivals in November - and the list goes on.

Is Limbeek Eindhoven a good place to live?

For students, it has the best technical university in country & for creative people there is Design Academy Eindhoven. Quite a friendly people around and as for me, it is more safe city too. Cheers. Is Limbeek Eindhoven not a safe area to live in?

Where to live in Veldhoven?

Veldhoven is virtually a southwest suburb (the other side of the A2 from Eindhoven). Housing is generally modern and in a range of price bands. Best is a contemporary village with good access, while more rural retreats can be found in Waalre, which is surrounded by large areas of forest.

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