B&b hotel lisboa aeroporto

b&b hotel lisboa aeroporto

Where to stay in Lisboa Aeroporto?

The B&B Hotel Lisboa Aeroporto is easily accessible whether you arrive at the hotel by plane, train or car. It is located only 4 minutes from the airport and well connected by car to the centre of Lisbon and with easy access to the motorway. The hotel also has a free indoor car park for your convenience.

Why choose B&B Hotel Lisboa Aeroporto?

Our B&B Hotel Lisboa Aeroporto is the ideal accommodation to visit the most charming places in Lisbon. Dont hesitate anymore and enjoy a unique experience with B&B Hotels, we are waiting for you! B&B Hotels is a hotel chain that offers an accommodation service with the best value for money.

How far is Lisboa Aeroporto from the airport?

The B&B Hotel Lisboa Aeroporto is only a 4 minute drive from Lisboa Portela Airport and 15 minutes from downtown. Generated with Avocode. Generated with Avocode. Generated with Avocode.

How far is Lisbon Airport from the city?

Distance from Lisbon Airport to Lisbon is 4.5 miles / 7.2 kilometers. Lisbon Airport (4.5 miles / 7.2 kilometers) Cascais Airport (12.0 miles / 19.3 kilometers) Portimão Airport (112.5 miles / 181.0 kilometers) Badajoz Airport (125.2 miles / 201.5 kilometers)

What airlines fly out of Lisbon Airport?

TAP Air Portugal and Air France are both excellent airlines for flights to and from Lisbon. Where is the main airport in Lisbon? The main airport, and only airport, is Humberto Delgado, otherwise known as Lisbon Portela Airport. Are there many flights to Lisbon from Boston, New York City, or London?

Is there parking at Lisbon Airport?

Parking facilities are also available at Lisbon airport for long and short stays. However, if you’re leaving Lisbon for a trip a taxi would be far less costly than parking your car for the duration. The open-air parks for long stays cost €5 per day.

Should I fly or drive to Lisbon?

In this case we would recommend flying over driving, as its quite a lot of distance to cover in the car and takes more than 4 hours to drive. When you arrive in Lisbon airport you can find a cab to most places in the city for no more than €13. There are taxi ranks outside the departures and arrivals of both terminals.

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