Barca douro

barca douro

What is bar Douro?

Occupying a railway arch in Londons buzzing Flat Iron Square, Bar Douro was created as a way to bring authentic Portuguese food to London. With ties to Portugal traced back through the family, Bar Douro has matched exquisite Portuguese wines with all the tradition of local Portuguese food.

What is the Douro wine region?

This is the region in which the wine borns! The western part of the Douro wine region is the area of Mesão Frio / Peso da Régua, and youll find vineyards next to the river until the border with Spain (the heart of the region being the little town of Pinhão).

Why choose river tourism and Douro cruises?

Our experience in River Tourism and Douro Cruises ensures the organisation of the best programmes and suggestions. With low and competitive prices, we provide fantastic and unforgettable experiences in Douro.

What to do in the Douro Valley?

Premium tour in the Douro Valley, with cruise, visit to wineries and beautiful viewpoints! A half-day program to discover the Douro River, the Wine and the Flavors of Porto. We are specialists in the organisation of group events in Douro. With the best conditions and the most competitive prices, we organise your event to be unique.

What makes bar Douro unique?

Occupying a railway arch in London’s buzzing Flat Iron Square, Bar Douro was created to bring authentic Portuguese food and wine to London. Sit at the counter in our azulejos-tiled dining room and watch the chefs meticulously work in the open kitchen. A large outdoor terrace is the perfect place to soak up the sun with a White Port Tonic in hand.

Who is the owner of Bar Douro?

I’m surprised at how assured Bar Douro is, but it is owned by Max Graham, scion of the Churchill port family and brought up in the Douro valley, hence the port flights and interesting, all-Portuguese winelist from small producers. And the chef is Tiago Santos, who has worked in starry establishments such as Porto’s wine-focused Yeatman Hotel.

What does Douro stand for?

In modern Welsh, dŵr is water, as well as dour in modern Breton with cognate dobhar in Irish. In Roman times, the river was personified as a god, Durius . A folk-etymological derivation suggests that the name Douro comes for the Portuguese word for golden.

What is the Douro river famous for?

The river is notable for the scenic Douro railway line, tourism more generally and – relatedly – the creation and production of port – a mildly fortified wine –, grapes, conventional wines and other agricultural produce.

The Douro is the highest-flow river on the Iberian Peninsula, running for 897km (557mi) from the Spanish town of Duruelo de la Sierra to Porto, Portugal’s second city. Remember to look up over the valley to spot eagles circling overhead. See one beach and you’ve seen them all, right?

How to organize a trip to the Douro with kids?

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